Podcast 3 : Gnosticism and The Tradition of The Mystics

Podcast3 A view into Gnosticism and the ways that a mystical path can be derived from mystery teachings of antiquity in relation to Tarot.

Podcast 2: Knowledge and the Pursuit of Tarot

Know for Thyself, Learning how to use Tarot as a method of Gnosis. Gnostical Podcast2background on the “fundementals” behind the tarot. Learn some of the alternative currents that are underlying the most controversial group of symbols. The Tarot.

Podcast 1 : Introduction to Gnostic Tarot Cards


Podcast1On our first Podcast we are going to give a small introduction to how the author came across tarot. In this podcast you’ll hear the personal experience of a Tarot practitioner from a “gnostical” point of view. Enjoy our very first podcast