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among the most ancient thought-images, the spiral is one of the most profound and mysterious. In the Spiral there is the concept of the labyrinth, with its entry and its exit. In the labyrinth there is the idea / meaning of life, of individual evolution and of all human society. From the megalithic incisions of the Celts to those of Black Africa, from the Mayan and Aztec decorations to those of the Indus, Deva and Asura, until Chinese double spiral of the Yin-Yang, the Spiral has expressed and expresses the extension, the emanation, the development in the cyclic continuity in a creative rotation. This merverous cosmic image and symbol of balance in the imbalance of order within change, of change. In the logarithmic spiral there is the permanence of the form despite the asimmeritic growth. Fig : 1  The Spiral has always represented the repeated rhythms of life and the cyclical character of evolution, ensuring the permanence of being in the fluctuations of change. In the double spiral we start from the expanding center (the solve of the Alchemists) and return to the center in Condensation (the coagula); these movements can be understood as birth and death (for the indu: kalpa and pralaya) as Initiatory Death and Rebirth of a different Being, transformed, or understood as a Journey of the soul after Death which, through unknown but orderly paths, finds a new center unity, eternal being, reintegration with one-whole.


Using the symbolic aspect of evolution-reintegration, of the Double Spiral, one can set up a constructive analysis of the 22 major arcana. Each of these cards (or Lamine) has various symbolic correspondences: astrological, Alchemical and Alphabetical Numerology. The latter (which by numbering each card also provide the symbolic frequency) following the Philosophic-Kabbalistic indications lead to a Double Spiral diagram that separates the 22 Laminae into two distinct groups.

The first group, part of the Expanding Spiral, begins, at the center, with the first of the major arcana, the number One, called Bagatto or Magician, corresponding to the letter Alef Symbol of young people at the beginning of the carrier of nascent activities or things, indicates the first step, the first move in the following Arcana develops in a speech of power and conquest of Solar, concrete and reasoned, which will lead to the overcoming of material values, but only after having conquered, possessed and exercised.

This is an external cycle, of the relationship between the individual and the others, the rest of the world, which with his senses and his reason he manages to know and conquer-dominate and regulate-order.

This cycle concludes with the tenth lamina called “Wheel of Fortune” also called Wheel of Life, (corresponding to the letter Iod ..) with its cycles, its ups and downs and its opportunities.

Before moving on to the other Spiral, one encounters a sheet of “passage”, which serves as a union and as a bridge between the two Spirals; the lamina of the Strength, the eleventh, which has absolutely no meaning of physical and muscular strength, but of Morale Force, a dowry that belongs to those who have been able to balance all its internal thrusts, to those who have mastered every bestial tendency and every will of power, both material and intellectual, through understanding and love.

In Kabbalistic and Alchemical Tradition, the number 11 is considered as the union of two other important symbols, the 5 symbol of the Microcosm Man, and the 6, symbol of the Macrocosm-Universe. This union, in the Growth-Evolution of each of us, indicates the Conscious Man of his belonging to the Universe as an active part, and symbol of Man who knows how to consciously harmonize the Energies that cross it with those of the Universe that surround it.

This concept is expressed with a glyph (graphic symbol) formed by a 6-pointed Star (the Seal of Solomon) formed by two Trangles; one pointed up, symbol of Fire (the same triangle, but “cut”, and symbol of the air) and of the Spirit, etc … intertwined with a triangle, pointing downwards, symbol of Water (the same triangle, but “cut” and cymbal of the Earth), and of the Body etc. .. These two Triangles contain within them a 5-pointed Star (Pentacle) where the Alchemists inscribed the Human Figure and its Planetary correspondences. In the Tarot the eleventh foil is represented by a young girl who looks like a dolt who, with one hand, dominates a Lion. This symbol expresses the growth of the Man who after accepting his destiny from the Knowledge of the Wheel (the Tenth Arcanum), and master of his Forces (Reason, volontaintuition, balance, wisdom and patience) and can now face even the most brutal forces , he asks without the need to oppose other brute force, but with intelligence, like Hercules in the first of his mystical labors or as the most ancient hero Caldeo Gilgamesh. Force of will more spiritual strength and moral courage form a Supreme Energy to which no brutality can resist. The Lion and the unruly foga, the vehement passion, not and galefico but left to himself devours and destroys with egoism; if instead tamed, he can render great services. Respect for energies and less noble and decisive instincts because they too serve true and full completeness. In some Tarots and in particular in the so-called “Tarocco del Mantegna” (Ferrara, 1470), in the acara della Forza, there is a Column, which with the touch of a girl, is broken. This symbolism reaffirms the concept of the “keystone”, which if removed causes the whole arch to collapse, always using Knowledge and not the muscular Force, as in the Magician-Bagatto (the first Arcanum), also on the head of the Maiden-Force the Sign of the Infinite is hovered, with a Crown at the center (the Spiritual Power), which shows us how this blade has concluded-passed the First Spiral of the Expansion, which led to the possession of a Superior Force, the Magical Power, exercised by taming violence with sweetness and identifying its individual will with the Universal Will, ready for a new cycle, deeper, in the spiral of condensation, to the conquest of the Spiritual World, receptive and ultra-sensitive. This second Spiral has the sequence of the plates of the Tarot inverted with respect to the preceding one. These arranged in an “enveloping” way start from the widest “circle” and in smaller and smaller shooters they turn towards the Center. The Major Arcana placed in the widest circle and the Twelfth, The Hanging, corresponding to the letter Lamed, symbol of who makes the sacrifice of himself in the initiation to the Mysteries, willing to forget all his possession and his personal desire, willing at More to Rebirth to a New Life: and the Chrysalis, and the suffering of the caterpillar, bound to the earth, Before becoming Butterfly free to move in space and time. It is this character-symbol that going down volute in volutes, overcoming the various temptations and dangerous (the Devil-15, the Tower-16, the Moon-18), will reach the Center and become the 21st lamina (numbered but with the Zero ), called Matto and corresponding to the letter Shin and to the people who after completing the two cycles find themselves clean and candid, virgins from any contamination. Once the summit of “knowledge” is reached, every “climber-researcher” realizes that there are other Vette, other very high mountains to climb, so he takes the vertigo of the Infinite, he realizes that what he thought he had conquered is nothing. compared to all yet to be conquered. In front of the Great Mystery, the Arcane of the Arcana: “the All is made of Nothing and returns to Nothingness”, the Reason confesses its incapacity, is silent before the silent Mystery of Nothingness-All. The researcher-in-chief feels his littleness becoming aware of his nothingness, understanding that his “completion” can not be relative, since the Work continues indefinitely, he will have to face a new and Supreme Cycle of Initiation, and when this is achieved he will find himself still in this situation, but at a higher level where the danger of falling, in one of the many precipitations-temptations, will always be stronger because the roads are becoming ever more steep and the paths ever closer. In this stage all measures of self-control, and the reason itself, falter. The temptation to be content with that little bundle of learned and strong Knowledge. He proceeds swaying here and there, staggering like a Jabal between crevices and cliffs, continually urged by the Lunar Dog of selfish temptations and impulses. To put a foot in a foul, when walking on the edge of the razor, means to fall like Lucifer who thought he would reach the Peak-Sky. If the unconscious sensibility and intuition, combined with purification (well done in the previous Spirals) help it, then the “Fool” will be able to reach the World of unlimited possibilities, then become the Prodigal Son, who after vaining in dark worlds, returns to the light ; then she gets rid of those ragged and dirty clothes (still the chrysalis) leaving them behind her, being able now to dress the clothes of the «True Wizard». This lamina can be porsta both at the beginning and at the end of the Major Arcana being the ring that binds the two extremes and completes the cycle to restart it every time on higher and higher and higher and closer to the Light. Around the two Spirals there is the space of the Cosmic Whole, symbolically expressed by the last plate of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the twenty-second (numbered but with the number 21), the World, which contains the symbols of the Cycles; The Uroboros, the Dragon that eats the tail emblem of the «Universal Substance» (Which constitutes the intimate essence of all things), arranged in the shape of a Wheel (reminds us of the tenth Arcanum, the Wheel of Fortune which proposed a « oondo »smaller, linked to the individual fortunes) symbol of the Totality of the Cosmos and of Perfection. The Spiritus Mundi in the center, surrounded by its 4 basic components, the 4 Elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) and the 4 Cardinal points, which are moved on the Spiritual Plan, in this blade, are symbolized by the 4 Evangelists. The “Goddess of Life”, “the visible Soul of the Universe remains, in its nudity, motionless in the center of the rotary movement itself. His position is reminiscent of the glyph of the Alchemical Sulfur and of the Fire which forms within it Vestal of the Fire of Life, symbol of that little Fire, of that spark, which burns in all Beings and which tends to rejoin the “Great Fire”, in the Attainment and Completeness of the Reintegration, the Ultimate Goal to which, symbolically, they should conduct all the other plates of the Tarot.

Major Arcana According to the Kabbalistic System This “system” of correspondences between numbers, letters of the Alphabet and Major Arcana and made taking into account the Sefer Jetzirah (Book of Creation), the oldest systematic collection of the Kabbalistic esoteric symbolism on letters and numbers, which interprets and examines the 22 letters of the alphabet as “instruments” of Creation. The 22 Number Letters have their own symbolic-esoteric “values” and the 22 Major Arcana are none other than the Illustration of these meanings. Combining the Letters with the Elements, the Planets and the Zodiacal Signs, we obtain the division into groups, which Tradition has handed down to us:

the beginning, the dot, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (Aleph), the first number; on the different levels of interpretation, it may be both the First Cause of the universe and the man himself in his world, which through fulfillment is realized in initiation; The conscious self that has widened its horizon and loaded with new contents increases its psychic potential, finding new problems, but also discovering new solutions. The I who awakens and experiences the progressive activation of one’s own self-consciousness, temporarily as a good and an evil, becomes a juggler, a magician, who with that minimum learned seeks, through action and dexterity, intelligence and cunning, his own, personal, necessary advantage.

Mercury fast messenger of the gods protector of thieves and charlatans, but also Thoth god of knowledge. In front of you has the symbols of the four elements, represented by the four seeds of the Minor Arcana: a stick (Flowers-Fire), a Sword (Spades-Air), a Cup (Hearts-Water) and a Pentacle (Paintings or Coins-Earth) ), resting on a plane with the alchemic symbols of the Material World (Mercury (Symbol), Solfo (Sym.) and Sale (Sym.)). Above his head, the symbol of Infinity (Sym.), First cause of himself. The left hand, holding the magic wand, recalls the power from above to meditate it through the creative will and download it to the material world with the dominion of the forces of nature, through the right hand indicating the bottom, the money, the earth. The chain on the wrist reminds you that its power is not unlimited.                                                                                                 1: The Bagatto Or Magician (First Cause)

The occult symbols of the One are: the Man-Adam, Osiris, Apollo, the Father, the will.

The One, father of numbers and number of mental vigor and support of the simple or inferior forces. The number one and the Man-the Menhir, the stele, the obelisk, the bell tower, the Totem, the commando club, the magic wand, the phallus etc., all symbols of the active Man, associated with the work of the Creation. His feet, of Piombo, are on the earth while his head, golden, and in the sky

IN THE BOOK OF CREATION. The First Path of Wisdom and the Supreme Crown and the Hidden Intelligence, the Light, the Glory of the Primary Essence. Corresponds to the Air Element. It is the united principle of numbering, unit that contains in power all the infinite numbers.

II La Papessa

if the number I, the magician, represents action in reason, the papessa represents intuition and imagination, immobile and static on the outside, and active inwardly. and the custodian of occult knowledge, which however finds it difficult to use in everyday life.

Its equilibria is given by meditation added to enlightenment. Its secrets can not be told or described, nor is it a repository of formulas or directives. His Secrets are veiled and every “researcher” will have, with his own unique and personal exprience, arrive alone before the Pope, persevere them, starting to take away those who already know and who cover themselves. The papacy and isis, sister and wife of Osiris, mother and patron of the occult Church and of gnosis, possesses the 2 keys of knowledge in the hand of intuition, the left) one of gold (the Sun, the Reason) and a d ‘silver (moon, imagination) that indicate the duality of the principles, active and passive, taken from the two columns of the temple, the black Boaz and the red Jakin. In the hand of reason, it has the papyrus of knowledge and Esoteric Wisdom that contains the past, conscious and unconscious, hidden in the magic formulas, which are the pacing level of learning of knowledge, the path of study and understanding of the Traditional rules that will allow start in the arduous path of research. Tools that must be understood before being used. Tools-Symbol that will continue to provide indications and suggestions only to those who lack the ability to intend-inuire. The face of the Pope, hidden by a veil, also indicates that to access her, one must present oneself prepared and pure. Hidden, intuitive, strongly feminine knowledge. Inspiration and essay.

The occult symbols of the two are: the door of the sacred temple (of Solomon), The Mother, Eve, Isis, The Great Priestess

Matrix of numbers, marriage and generation. The first splitting of the Unita Principio Il Binario. It is the Science with which Man can come to understand the true nature of “things”. It is the soul and its two main organs: Heart and Brain. Symbol of the Two Principles, the Two Worlds, which are waiting to meet, the Intellectual Principle and the Volitive Principle.

IN THE BOOK OF CREATION. The Second Path of Wisdom and the Light of the manifested intellect, and the crowning of Creation, Absolute Wisdom beyond space-time. Corresponding to the planet Saturn. Generation as continuity of Creation. Spiritual Generation and EvolutionIII – The Empress (Isis-Urania) From the solar activity of the magician’s reason and from the lunar force. intuitive and mysterious, the Papessa is bornthe creative activity of lmperatnce. inteligentemediator of the forces of reason and intuition,Sun and Moon, active principle and passio principle:In her the certainty of knowledge d1 is mixedand faith. It is Hathor, Ishtar or Cerere Demetra, withhis femininity. comprehensive and intelligent. The g ..: blacksensualitl and practical knowledge make it stand outits fruitful and mature nature. In his hands, the scepter with the ANKH (the crosa ansata, symbol of Venus and life) that gives the authority on the matter. Enlightenment, intelligence and love overcome and dominate the material world. A lily, a symbol of inner purity and sweetness, necessary for evolution; the red shield of the will with the emblem of a silver eagle, that is, the soul that is expressed in the form, material but noble; under the foot the crescent of the moon, the intelligence that dominates the forces of the unconscious, the full control over the intuition; around its crowned head, the twelve zodiacal stars of which three are hidden, while the visible nine indicate gestation.

The three hidden stars are behind or within the empress itself, indicating her as the custodian of the secret of incarnation-materialization. The three is a triangle, and is the first geometric figure that defines a space. The union of the Father and the Mother who generate a Son and symbolized in the “most beautiful triangle” of the Egyptians (3-4-5) that Plutarch tells us how it was taken up (with the same meaning) from Plato (in the Republic) and from Pitagora.

The occult symbols of the Three are: Isis Urania, Hathor, Venus-Urania, Diana and Horus.

IN THE BOOK OF CREATION. The Third Path of Wisdom and the Holy Intelligence and the Original Wisdom.

Corresponds to the Planet Jupiter. In Alchemy: Sulfur, Mercury and Salt. It indicates the heart, the Head and the Genital organs, as well as Faith Hope and Charity.

IV – The Emperor (The Cubic Stone)

The Domain of the Empress is exercised on the souls of the pure of spirit, the dominion of the Emperor instead subdues the bodies that animates and governs after having built them

It is the Individual Spirit, the objective manifestation of the Universal Spirit. It is at the same time the idea that molds the Matter and the Force that is imprisoned. It is the sulfur of the Alchemists, the Arche, the vital fire imprisoned in the Germe, the Mystical Spouse and at the same time the child of the Animating Substance (The Empress).

Represented by a man in his full strength, the Emperor is seated on a throne formed by the “Cubic Stone”, the only one that can not be overturned, however the turn is always the same; its facets, its regularity, reconnect us to the alchemistic “philosophical stone” and the “Cubic Stone” of the Freemasons, linked to the idea of perfection in matter and in individuals.

The Emperor and Dionysus, god of abundance and civilization, he holds with his right hand the scepter of initiatory power, which gives him dominion over all that is unstable and changeable (that which is fixed exerts a determined action on all that which is mobile and disorganized) and also gives him the spiritual strength to rise above matter.

The left hand, resting on a sphere, indicates its earthly power over the forces of nature.

On the crowned helmet, the number 4 indicates the realization through the 4 elements, also symbolized by the cosmogonic cross above his head (the 4-linked strings of the elements, union of Fire and Water and of Earth and Air), the symbol of Jupiter (Jupiter Sym.) Indicates the struggle for conquest.

It is the Worker who rises to the supreme rank because he knows how to execute, meticulously, the Design of the Great Architect.

The occult symbols of the Four are: The Cubic Stone, The Key of the East, The Four Cherubs.

IN THE BOOK OF CREATION. The Fourth Path and the Way from which the Divine essences and all the Powers of the Spirit come, and the path of the Solemn Coronation. Corresponds to the Planet Mars. Number of endurance and Immortality, of Completion and of Discovery, of firmness in principles and propositions therefore, of the power of will and dominion.