Hello Darkness My ONLY Friend

We are getting to the beginning of the new section for Gnostic Tarot Cards. If this journey has shown anything its that the cards are not commonly understood by just reading them, or intuiting what the symbols mean in a form of Individuation. Nor are they able to be used by any esoteric organization or group to be a manual of instruction. They are a means , or method that is used to develop a conversation with the Arch Techtonic nature, as Christine Payne Towler would put it, of ourselves and the universe we are in. As the grand synthesis is revealed through our esoteric and occult organizations, its shown that the Initiate is more important than any other person attending meetings or gatherings, by sharing and developing a new octave of the teachings, we are propelled into a modern revelation of the timeless truths in new skins and images.

This introduction is very important because this new development is about the beginning of the path to Gnosis and out of Belief. The title of this post is a play on the opening line of the Simon and Garfunkel song Sound of Silence, that was popularized in the early 1960’s of American music. The reason this is important is because as the postulant is propelled into the unknown by a desire to break free of the Secure and Systemic way of life that is built upon ones place and class in society, we are being goaded on to the “Darkness” of our newness.

Darkness is usually only dark because it has no light, which is an obvious statement. The point is that the GODHEAD that lightens up the abyss is not to be found in the blazing sun of the Fool card, but the Abyss it self!!

In walking into the death of the world that is before us, that we’ve tried so hard to encounter and try and go to, we are looking up toward the unknown component of our future, or lives. This is however not the end, but the Beginning of our real journey. The sun shows us of all the things that we already know, and are secure with, but finally encountering a false sense of security , psychologically , our Personality is either willingly or unwillingly propelled into the Mystery of being, the Unknowable , or Darkness.

We are like the fool, which is a label that is given by others, that we are leaving the land of the secure, for that of the unsecure , mysterious , unknown. This is the alchemical process of Nigredo or the Blackening of one’s life.

“What hinders men from seeing and hearing God, is their own hearing, seeing and willing; by their own wills they separate themselves from the will of God. They see and hear within their own desires, which obstructs them from seeing and hearing God. Terrestrial and material things overshadow them, and they cannot see beyond their own human nature. If they would be still, desist from thinking and feeling with their own self-hood, subdue the self-will, enter into a state of resignation, into a divine union with Christ, who sees God, and hears God, and speaks with him, who knows the word and will of God; then would the eternal hearing seeing and speaking become revealed to them. ”
Jacob Boehme (1575-1624 C.E.)

It is not the real sun of one’s Master, but that of the Slave to the material that the fool is being jeered from. Get a job, would probably have been said to the Fool , because the original image for the Fool was that of a penniless beggar. It wasnt until late Tarot that the Fool became that of a Traveler, but also with the Cliff of Non-Being being added in the Waite Smith-Coleman images.

According to Psychology , The quick judgements that are made on someones Personality are where the labels like Fool can come from, its extremely difficult to make an assessment of Character by first glance. But you would need to know the person enough to see the past behavior they have done and without Self Awareness, past behavior is a good recommendation of future behavior. This is the collective experience of , what Daskalos calls the Present Day Personality . but this is also just a partial truth, if the Initiand can move past the Known, Secure, and hereditary lot in life to a new experience of the Numinous, the personality is transformed and the Fool takes on a more adaptable role. When calling a person Fool it locks them into the possibility that they may Believe what is told to them, developing a desire to actually not live, but survive, losing one’s precious I AM to I HAVE BEEN TOLD ,¬† and the subtle quick reaction wires us to make up a Belief that we can properly label another human being in this Time-Space construct.

Unfortunately the voice that is not grounded in the Depths is that of the little puppy yelling about Animal Kingdom instincts and projecting its reality on others. As we see those of our fellows moving toward the Blackening phase of Personality , we can keep in mind that only those who have Blackened toward the Higher Self are truly Fools!

In the ancient Gnosticism of Valentinianism, the primary Unknown Sygygy РDyad  was actually called Bythos ( Depth) and Sige ( Silence)., the connection with Sige was the promise of the Ancient Hermetic brotherhoods, along with the connection of Kabbalists to the Chasmal. This is all to say that the Unknown/Mysterious is not really the end of all reality but the anchoring into it. The AIN or Unlimited , Unknown was the source of all life, not the end of it. As we move toward a cosmos that is toward a more loving and accepting culture of other human beings, let us remember that the only fool is the one that is unwilling to go to the depths, because the Personality has said YOU DARE NOT!!! In this sense, those willing to plumb the Unknown, silence is actually what you would call Initands and Fools for God, not the World.

In Gnosis

Your Friend,