A Fools Light

Hello, It dawned on me that eventually we would discuss the most sacred symbol of the Tarot today. It is very difficult to speak about. The tao that can be spoken is not the eternal tao! This is the Sun of the Fool card. Its not as difficult to say we aren’t looking at the sun, but its more difficult to explain that which is being missed. As we know ignorance is supposed bliss. This kind of ignoring though will not be in our benefit immediately as we see the chasm of Death ahead. It is with great pain that we will now discuss the Spiritual Sun of the Tarot.

Such a symbol as the sun is really overwhelming to discuss. Even when we are going to get clear about what it is exactly the sun is that the Fool is completely unaware of, we are also going to deal with different transmissions of this truth. Beginning with some of the ideas of antiquity we would need to see what the sun represents in Mythology. Through an exhaustive survey of the myths of our world, we would start to hone in on what the sun meant to those that used the powers of Thinking, Feeling and Will to grok its meaning.

Next we would need to look deeper at the Exoteric  streams of thinking about the sun. This would be done through the traditions of Religion and Spiritual thought. Naturally we would survey the evolution or Eons of thinking that have been attached to the sun and what minds would be raising to consciousness about it.

For esoteric thinking however we would be really need to dive as deep as allowed into the deep mysteries. Through history there have been initiatic transmissions and teachings , within these traditions we have both public proclamations Hermetic Mysteries of Tractate 1 the Poimandres, and the deep levels of hidden instruction that were available for only a few elite followers. This was apparent in all lines of initiatic thinking from early times of initiation in the Mysteries of Eleusis  , and those of the deep Mythraic mysteries along with the PGM and PDM. Within the Gnostic lines and future Templar and Rosicrucian societies. The topics would be too vast to cover in the little blog, nor would society as a whole want / understand such information. As we could start to see a gigantic revelation of the sun in its Physical/Mental/Spiritual worlds, we would start to encounter the revelators of the Western Mystery Tradition. This would include Parcelsus and other great teachers of the truths of initatic stream.

To name but a few would need to be exhaustive tome, such as Wouter Haanegraaf’s Dictionary of  Gnosis and Western Esotericism. If we were lucky , the encounter would include names like  Fludd, Boheme,Aivanhov, Daskalos, and other ancient/modern rosicrucian adepts. All to understand what the modern mind sees when it pays attention to or ignores such a timeless icon such as the sun.

This is just the information that could be located in the realm of Time and Space. This wouldn’t be scratching the surface of the actual Mystery of the Sun. When discussing such a topic we could be pulled in countless directions, but ultimately we would need to go toward one path and away from the other. I have meditated and prayed on the proper words , and concepts of what to share. The two principles would be the most important. One that leads to the Sun on Physical, Spiritual and Subtle levels and the other that leads toward its opposite death or Non-Being. Eventually we are forced to reintegrate into the truth, but for some of us fools, the path might take longer than expected.

In Gnosis,