A Fool Vs. Wisdom AND Love

A Fool Vs. Wisdom AND Love

We are reviewing the Psychology and Spiritual Dynamics of the Fool card. In the Judeo-Christian bible Foolishness is very enigmatic, however there are some lines about the Fool that really do inform our understanding of what is being indicated in this card.

Since the Antithesis of Foolishness is Wisdom, its difficult to make the two meet. However, in the works of Swedenborg we hear that Wisdom and Love are inseperable, and Love is the sharing of Wisdom with others.

This is called in Swedenborgs view “Use” , ┬ábecoming a use is to become a channel of this power of Love and Wisdom, but to the fool we are shown that Death is looming and the little puppy might not be so off in its interpretation of reality.

Personally this came to me with the etymology of Philosophy , as you all know I LOVE Philosophy! but this IAM that LOVES has a LOVE of WISDOM. How is it then that I can say bad things to others , or about others with all this love? Or even to myself? A love of philosophy as a Love of the Love of Wisdom doesn’t sound so wise.. It would be more accurate as one who loves the love of wisdom, but doesn’t actually love wisdom, due to the blockage of self/other love! This is actually spiritual/psychological death! I see the puppy as not the biting instinct now.. however the dog is showing the loudest voice one can hear, that of love! Love might be a whisper to those in the other cards, but to the fool , love must be a shout! Love must shout louder than the self-hate that the fool is accustomed to!

Swedenborg has a term for this kind of mindset, he calls this the “Proprium” meaning , of or from solely oneself. Mind you this is NOT the High Avataric Self that is the reflection of the Godhead in us and others, this is the False Self. The False Self is the one that identifies solely with the Material world or Time-Space. It is more psychologically called The Ego. But this Ego is not our I AM. Because the EGO is a form of Time Space obsession, we are then placed in a position of Relativity to others and our senses. What this card masterfully tells us is that ahead beyond the Fools present focus is what everyone around the fool can see.. Death or severe loss off a high cliff.

This is a representation or symbol of what happens to the individuality of the human that looses self love and adopts so many obsessive thoughts , that care of one’s environment and life is casted aside even in the beauty of the reflected god, and companionship of the Pup. The fool is alone, dancing along with an obliviousness to the arch-powers that exist in the universe or cosmos.

One of my favorite lines in Faust is when Mephistopheles says “I am the spirit of perpetual negation”.To me , this can mean the negation of the SELF in others or oneself. Love can easily be seen then as the Affirmation of the Self of Others AND Oneself.

Rudolf Steiner in his Philosophy of Freedom discusses that the real proof of a Free person is their ability to then Love others in return, otherwise we are still trapped and not free! It is the hope of Gnostic Tarot Cards that these seed thoughts are powerful enough to do just that

In Gnosis