Fool ME Once..

About a half decade ago , my I AM entered the stream of the Western Mystery Tradition officially through Initiation. In this multi faceted initiation, tenets were given to me that were the distilled experience of those that went before me. The first of these tenets was ” THE SELF FINDS MEANING IN THE COLLECTIVE”. In these tenets, there were comments made about the ghost of Marley from Dickens Christmas Carol. When the ghost of Marley was asked about his individual accomplishments by Ebenezer Scrooge, he was given the words of the following about business.

Business!” cried the Ghost, wringing its hands again. “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!

As I thought , felt and lived long and hard about what is now written, this tenet found confirmation in this Card , Tradition and Wisdom of the elders.

I can cite the book references for this particular meditation, and the esoteric ideas are solid for what is about to be said. Its not with a light hearted , whimsical feeling that what is next spoken about has been written down.

As everyone has seen, on the face of the card we see the most artistic expression of the Fool, from the Waite Smith Deck. The card pictures a male figure, which is more androgynous than not ,(SELF) in a green outfit ( LIFE ) and his stare at the LIGHT is not disturbed by the DOG at his heels, while nearly falling off the cliff (DEATH) of the mountain ( INITIATION) that the Fool ( SELF) stands on. What is not expressed is what this means.

Daskalos, the affectionate name of Dr. Sylianos Atteshlis known as perhaps the greatest modern mystic of our time, has called GOD the ABSOLUTE INFINITE BEINGNESS. Along with this comment he talks about the SELFHOOD of GOD.

What took me nearly a half year to talk about was explained to me in waking up at 3:30 on 06/24/2017 a few days after the Summer Solstice of this year. Typically I wake at 6 am every day to perform the meditation of the day and participate in the Work of that day, performing my earthly trade and then letting the light of the day rest like the one before it. As we are all aware this beginning of summer is the time in the northern hemisphere that the sun is at its greatest most triumphant time.

What was revealed to me after waking up and thinking about my life , trade and earthly business was that I needed to go to work and finish something that wasn’t quite done, then it came to me.. the FOOL is the Individual striving to get back into the Collective and almost dying thinking Individualism is the wholeness of experience in Life. This was so strong, that I thought it should be shared..

How can a world of people , striving toward self realization , embrace the message of the collective? How do we all sit within the experience of Being and allow that calm and peacefulness seep into what Daskalos calls the Present Day Personality? How then do we filter that data through the powers of the Soul in the manifestation of Feeling, Thought and Will? This answer cannot be given in this small reflection!

In the realm of development of the SELF there are several schools of thought. One is that we are all recapitulating the experience of the soul and that we will all eventually ripen in our lives and manifest this ATMAN. Others say that the ATMAN ( SELF ) is only experienced in NON BEING ( the AIN SOF) and that once we soak back into it we are released from the Individualism of life. I don’t claim to be the wisest man in existence, nor do I want to propose that I have all the answers.

Through many, many lectures, books , meditations and many days of reflection, i’ve finally tapped what the topic of the FOOL Card should be.. The I AM! IS the Self part of the Whole, is it apart from the Whole , is it both? This isn’t just an argument/questioning that is coming from me. In the ancient days there was called the EN TO PAN in the Greek language, which is the ONE THE ALL. Is this the vision that is given to us? Are we being propelled by the desires of the DOG or is the DOG warning us that we are on the road to Destruction ( NON BEING) ? As you see this is a Quest of the Fool. not simply Questions

This card should make us Question. Its not given to us in a way that solves the dilemma. Both are states of elimination of non-existence. The two states are both Death to the I AM personality. The plunge is either into the absorbtion of BEING or the ascention to NON BEING in Death. These are the key notes of the card. The I AM is wrapped in the Green Outfit ( LIFE) and is in a foolish delusion of AT ONE MENT without asking the questions. IM DONE! is the statement the powerful personality is making. Though as we see this is not a finishing but a beginning of what is being asked of the Personality to Choose to do.


Do I listen to the thoughts of the DOG barking at me? Do I continue to march toward the Unity of the Light? Do I become self-satisfied with my accomplishment and applause and enjoy the top of the mountain? its not in the finding that the great Quest is fulfilled.. but in the seeking. Is it possible that the dilemma is designed this way? Please re-read this meditation in particular because its with a heavy heart it is written. The fools quest is that of THE MEANING OF LIFE and hopefully I’ve done a good job of explicating how to go about finding it for oneself.