Dimmer But Not Deadened !


We are focusing on the card titled The Magician and are getting into some of the land that was intended at the very beginning of this collection of reflections. The intent of Gnostic Tarot Cards is to present the Ancient – Modern Tarot Stream of Conversation in its most Gnostic elements through history. As we are approaching the temporary end of the cards as we are seeing them from the reverse order of their appearance (world through fool) we are picking up the subtler and more refined aspects to be seen in each card. This starts by looking at the World card and constricting the archetypal conversation of the Tarot into its scope.

When I first began reading and studying the Occult over a decade ago, I was introduced to the voluminous writings of Regardie and the Golden Dawn groups of teachers. I read tons and tons of pages about things that were completely foreign to me. Most of the information was as St. John said ” The light shines within the darkness, but the darkness comprehends it not”. Which is indicative of the entire issue at hand.

As I understood it at the time, Occultism was something to be understood conceptually . Knowledge was all power, and those who knew the ‘secrets’ to the inner workings of the universe were able to master it. Though I couldn’t see this flaw in thinking or even question the basis of intelligencia or intellect,  this was revealed later to be only partly true ! Knowledge that can only be known by the faculties that are foreign to it can NEVER accomplish what an experience of that event can. Merely knowing something isn’t enough, and it definitely doesn’t endow powerful characteristics , such as those that I admired in Regardie, Waite and other Occultists of this time.  This is how I am certain that within the Golden Dawn system , lies a fundamental flaw . As the new green occultist attempts to synthesize and develop a world view similar to that of the occultists before him, the transformative experience is however not given, and the dynamic power of the initiatic act is taken out of the Golden Dawn system. By a mere reading of the literature, the simulation of what Initiation is , is postulated and formulated in the conceptual mind, therefore leading the Practitioner to believe that to comprehend is to experience.

The words “Dynamic Power” appropriately can conceptualize what is shown in El Gran Tarot Esotericos Magician card. The Dynamism of changing energies within a cycle of cosmic proportion allows for so much space, that the experience can be given meaning past that of the previous self aware Practitioners that have performed it. Adding to the cycle of change that the tarot deeply impresses upon the “I” of those who use it. Questioning the basis of our psyches and existential makeup and invoking the powers that allow our world to have order and meaning.

As I will not explain the image above, simply because of respect to the spirit-self within all, and that space and attention span will not permit it, it indicates what the inner world of a true “Magi” is doing. Some of the symbols are of course Astrological, but also the lemniscate , and Solar symbols show me something a lot larger , more grand,  than a human being in material form.  It is not merely the Hule or body, that is presented above. What is given in the card is a reflection from the times of Jakob Boehme and his student Gichtel , and is our body of inner relatedness with the cosmos and godlike nature.

In this picture appropriately the description of “Light” is given, which no attempt by philosophy or language has been able to permanently extinguish or destroy that has tried to do so. Even Nietzsches comment that “god is dead” has not been allowed to permanently seal up the light in a place of unreachable depths or darkness. As long as the human can breathe, we are given all the “light” necessary to comprehend . Meaning essentially , as we question , formulate, conceptualize and quantify through self-awareness. This is the power that the “I” is given, that usurps self awareness and says that its own creation is higher than that which endowed it the ability to create in the first place. In the language of esotericism this is a conversation about  the “Image and Likeness” of Godhead.

The “Image” is the archetype of the human being in all its subtle aspects and hidden connections to higher realms. The “likeness” is the reflection of the “image” and is not a synonym, but a secondary image that simulates the actual power of the original Archetype. When we look at St. John’s writing again with Light as the Image and Darkness as the Likeness , it becomes clearer that a statement such as Johns is more profound than can be first seen. Not only does it talk about the nature of Good and Evil in a Zoroastrian Dualistic way, but it also states that our Fall is part of the original formation of Image and Likeness. This has been expressed in Aramaic as the Kabbalistic ABBA and what later in the 14th century, was shown as the ‘Ungrund’[1] of Boehme.


In Gnosis,


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Infinitely Profound

2016-10-10 08_20_42-Album ArchiveGreetings!

We are considering the Magician card . Taking a journey through the maze of magic and mysticism. There are definitely roadblocks that we have passed over, and others that haven’t even presented themselves yet. As was discussed in the prior post , we have identified what our tools are and some of the pitfalls or stumbling blocks in realizing our true selves. However, we have learned very little of our place in the cosmos. Most of gnostic tarot cards is focused upon the revelation of insight which is called Gnosis. The word Ta Onta, or “The Things That Are” is a Greek term that was used by those on a quest through the spheres into the nature of being and our place in that schema.

It is now time to discuss what brings a Magician about. First it must be said that the Magus is not a male, it is an archetype of one who uses the Imagination which is the first step into the supersensible realms of Initiation. After the purification and identification of the mind with the passing things of our earth, we are able to reflect upon the faculty of the mind itself. With the Tarot we are given the ability to see our Mind and how it relates to the cosmic whole.

Its not simple to explain, but it is profoundly deep how as human beings we cognitively assimilate what is presented to our minds, and then as a consequence of that action, integrate that ‘data’ into our psycho-spiritual selves, only to evolve toward a future version of that ‘data’ in its manifestation through our wills, thoughts and feelings. The magician being connected to ‘the things that are’ is able to see and interact with reality that most would say is ‘fantasy’.

As shown in the above tarot image from Gulinat, before ever publicly shown to the world that the tarot has linguistic correlations, there were also symbols of ancient depth that were included in the tarot. Signs of the Zodiac, Numbers and some even contain Geometrical clues to previous generations and cycles of knowledge in the story of Humanity. This is the reason for the Infinity symbol , or as its called in geometry, the Lemniscate of Bernoulli.

This symbol however is not just limited to Geometry and its theories but to the actual path of the sun in what is called the Analemma. It also has been ‘used’ to represent many other conceptual models (Infinity Symbol) After reading the above links try to stay focused on what is said below.

It was Christine Payne Towler that said to me that “the universe was not a either/or equation, but it was an and/and all inclusive equation.” The Tarot represents the core of this kind of thinking, its not just Iconography, or Symbolism. It is an and/and fixed meditation that is used for the development of the Psyche and Spirit of the participant. As it is in this Microcosmic form to humanity, it is also a Macrocosmic representation of these forces in the very grand scale of evolution. Which is what to those who are looking with the eyes of an initiate see when reminded that the Magus is always to keep in the sphere above the head the representation of Infinity. It is not just saying that everything that is known is also deeper, but its saying that there is a cosmic evolution of humanity , a cosmic and more archetypal movement of that which is above us.. mainly for most of those aproaching the tarot from an observational point, the symbol in question , will bring up a usual reference to Sun and Moon , and this is going to be in the location of the Lemniscate in the mental pictures of the mind that observes this card.

Without trying to completely expound this ‘hint’ , the Rosicrucian tradition has aptly spoken about this evolutionary pattern. As human beings have evolved from a state of Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens, also the planets and cycles have evolved from Saturn to the current Earth cycle, which is also referred to as era or epoch , in Sanskrit these are called Yugas, in Tibet Kalpas, In Hellenistic Greece and Egypt they were called Aeons. It is actually virtually impossible to read or really contemplate esoteric/occult literature without being introduced to this dimension.

The point is that the Magus is centered in the Power of The Cosmos, and with the evolution of humanity , we move from the Pre-Logoic event of the “Cosmos of Wisdom” to the “Cosmos of Love”. (I highly recommend to those interested research those two terms on http://www.rsarchive.org ) As we are able to identify in the center of our being, the “I AM” , with this Ogdoad or Eighth sphere, we are moving more and more into the anointed nature of our Being, and manifesting our Real, True Selves.

In Gnosis