The Call

High Priestess Marseilles Baby Black Widows Greetings & Welcome.

We are wrapping up our reflections on the Popess or High Priestess very soon and are still hiking up the mountain of Initiation. On this hike we have been swarmed with adversity and tumultuous obstructions, yet we keep walking and move with one foot in front of the other.

We are going to discuss some of the most unique aspects of the High Priestess which would make some wonder with disbelief how the information was obtained or not previously made available. It is not a secret that the High Priestess is an initiator into the mysteries of another realm, but what is secret and has been kept secret from the general public is how she can remain hidden in such plain sight.

Our capacity for Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition is what this card stands for. Considered the highest of all initiatic gifts, the High Priestess guides us from our mind to the heart and then transmits the information between. This may seem as if its not anything revelatory or has any depth whatsoever. So i’ll explain briefly.

In mankind’s seven fold system or what is popularly known in esoteric studies as the “Constitution of Man” , there are seven distinct and interrelated levels or planes of experience. these are the Physical , Emotional, Mental, Intuitional ,  Atmic ,Monadic and Divine planes. These are sometimes confused with being strictly the realm of the 19th century, however they existed far before this time. The Tarot as a Book of Wisdom can be viewed from any of these levels of existence, however most only see the physical.

There are students of the mysteries of these planes that have come forward for contemporary students of what Torkom Saraydarian calls “The Teaching”. Great Masters of the Wisdom of all ages have influenced the ‘view’ of the Tarot. From the beginning of our known formulations of thought, we have reflected in the tarot a worldview and esoteric library so deep that in the 18th century Alphonse Louis Constant or as his popular pen name is Eliphas Levi, said:

An imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot, if he [sic] knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire universal knowledge, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequaled learning and inexhaustible eloquence.”


This is because the book that we are discussing is an Archetype of the knowledge of the universe. And in the course of time, the universe has given us great teachers, with great teachings. The problem is that these teachings have been misused or perverted by cultural times, and just as our Popess was suppressed, so were the mysteries of the ROTA or Wheel. Meaning Time.

It would take pages upon pages to explain the meaning of the planes of existence, only a bit. It would take years upon years of study to unpack the condensed meanings of the Tarot , and would be even longer tracing back the etymological terms and origins of the words and concepts that are embedded in a single card. However when time-space is transcended through the Soul, and a meaningful book is opened , the mind is suddenly placed into a position of receptivity and according to the understanding of the student, wisdom speaks!

As it has been a very long time since we have taken our first steps into this initiatic paradigm, i’ve tried to provide the very best and ad free site that is available for the Syncretic view of Tarot as a tool of Gnosis and Wisdom. But this goal had not been accomplished in the time frame that was indicated previously. We are on the last two cards of reflection here and there are infinitely more in depth conversations to be discussed. As tarot fits all seven planes of interpretation, so do all its students. Some have gone on record in what Christine Payne Towler calls the “Continental Tarot” , and some have never mentioned the Tarot in their work, but have shared the ‘Arch-Techtonic ‘ structure of the Cosmos. There are words, upon words and words within words that have been ’embedded’ with the long path of understanding in the Tarot.

For when the student has ears to listen, the mouth of wisdom will speak!

In Gnosis