It takes two


We are still walking through the two pillars on the face of the card , the High Priestess. Recently it has come to light, that the great Master Aivanhov discussed the two principles of all life and how we can be in better balance with these principles.

These pillars are best known by the two pillars in the Masonic tradition as the Pillars in the Temple of Solomon, but they were extant in Egypt and as principles have been scattered through every single known tradition. The East has them as different names, but they will be known as the two interdependent principles of the Cosmos. As a gnostic principle they are sometimes called Bythos and Sige as a Syzygy . In buddhism they are represented as different named enlightened beings in Yab Yum position. Daoism calls them the Yin and Yang. In the Hermetic schools they were Psyche and Nous and in Judeo Christian traditions Adam and Eve. What these two principles represent is the cosmic bond between the absolute and relative, or what Aivanhov calls the Masculine and Feminine.

This is NOT to say that either gender is weaker than the other. Tradition tells us ” that which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above”. It is our egotism in the negative sense of Astral and Psychically deranged perceptions that give pejorative values to feminine, such as lower, below, passive etc. as related to gender if we have been subjected to social conditioning , fueled by patriarchy . When the real information is received about the divine feminine , we will see that minds as magnificent as the great Boehme and Sweedenborg were Sophianic Mystics. They didn’t degrade the feminine or demote it as an interdependent principle of the Cosmos. Even though the so called Active and So called Passive have different natures, they cannot exist without the other.

The polarity of energy and the lines of power are realities for the occultist as well. When seeing between the two pillars we are given a glimpse of the Priestess, but if we are not able to read the book of nature which is imbued with the two equally powerful cosmic principles we shall never surpass the polarization of which Jung called One Sidedness.

This was taught not only by Aivanhov, but in my early tarot years under golden dawn and even the continental tarot taught by Christine Payne Towler. It is impossible for either man or woman to claim pure masculinity or femininity as an independent power either higher or more exalted than its partner. Patriarchy has given a perception that it is in LAW that all is understood. Matriarchy has been that of LOVE and nurturance . These polarities are 1/2 of the entire equation and not the whole. Its extremely difficult to see things this way which is why the priestess is willing to initiate us anytime we are willing to make the switch. But it isn’t the switch between one pole and the other, its a switch to holistic thinking and emotion based upon the TWO pillars. This is why she bears the number 2 in arithmosophy. We cannot afford as those on an evolutionary path to stamp out this ‘otherness’ regardless if we are a Knight or Dame..

In Light and Love