The Sound of Her Silence


It’s been a long while since this simple blog has posted anything related to tarot. The reason being is sometimes I haven’t been attuned and others too busy to focus on those little cards.

But we are at the point where to stay too silent is to fall into oblivion and we must grow the silence, not deter those from ever finding it.

We are focusing our efforts of introspection on the High Priestess , card number 2 in the major arcana. She has been walking with me and us ever since we’ve started this journey. She has discussed Sophia and her trials, Heimarmene and her fate, and she has even stepped in to guide our over analytical and thinking obsession to get moments of peace and tranquility.

We have tried to follow her path, but the Priestess demands a price for her guidance, and that is the elimination of the mind that is argumentative and one sided. This is difficult to do, therefore alot of time has been spent cultivating the proper attitude to explore the tarot with her eyes and not those of my own.

Her symbolism is rampant throughout the tarot deck, because she isn’t just isolated to this card, but her nurturance is seen through all the cards and as the divine feminine element in the work. She is much like the ocean, which we see her depicted as in the Alchemical Tarot. Where we are like those sailing upon her waters for many years and have grown accustom to adapting life with her eyes and environment.

The reason this is being said is because as the direct link between the heart and head she guides those attempting to learn the great gnosis, however the moment the heart is abandoned, the head makes up its own system of philosophy and values intellect over intuition.

She represents the path of Bet in the Tree of Life that connects vertically between Keter and Tiphereth. One of the tricks of the tree , is that unless the Kether is connected with the Heart , the AIN or All cannot be seen.

This is why she asks us to be silent, because in the times of non discursive gnosis the intellect is silenced and put to sleep very slowly. When the heart is lifted up to the intellect and the intellect bows to the heart, then we are able to experience what the mysteries call the Reintegration or Regeneration.

Regenerating our selves with ourselves we are able to start understanding higher realms of reality. When this happens the priestess shares her wisdom because we are aware of the key of Humility and how it allows us access to the Monadic Reality as opposed to the Virtual Reality that is created by the Subconscious Mind that is called the Intellect.

Blavatsky said that the “Mind is the Slayer of the Real”. By “Mind” she was discussing the Discursive Mind and the Conceptual Mind that relies upon words rather than the Real that exists. This is the meaning of the greek words TA ONTA ” The things which are”