The Highest Priestess


high_priestessI know its been a long, long time. 6 – 9 months to be more accountable. It should be known that it is not possible to explain away such mysteries as the High Priestess. Sure she can relate to a bunch of different symbols and has taken several forms throughout time. Though she isn’t willing to divulge her secrets as easily as the others may have. Her and her Consort the Magician are some of the most enigmatic figures in the entire system of Tarot Correspondence.

When we say “Tarot Correspondence” what is exactly meant? I can think of no other source than Antoine Faivre when discussing the exact elements to the Western Mystery Tradition which our dear High Priestess is the Popess over. Fairve discusses several salient points to the Mystery Tradition of Western Esotericism and categorizes as follows:

There are four Fundamental Elements: 1. Correspondences, 2. Living Nature, 3. Imagination and Meditations and 4. Experience of Transmutation. There are also 2 more “relative” elements. 5. The Praxis of Concordance and 6. Transmission.

These 6 criteria are definitely abundant in the Tarot. As the keeper of all knowledge, the High Priestess holds a book to the mysteries in her hands in the artistic, but historically inaccurate deck of Smith Waite. She gives a look of loving guidance and assistance reading the “Book”. In the Hebraic Tradition this book is known as the “torah” which means “Instruction, or Teaching”. Some refer it as THE TEACHING. Others call it THE MYSTERIES, and some call it GNOSIS.

Part of the world of Teaching has the cumulative knowledge of civilization or “The Akashic Records” some think that this is purely “Record” but its not. The Akasha is a word that came from Sanskrit and means “aether”. Some would call this the Aion or Aeons of Greek and Hebrew Tradition or the Lokas . There is certainly a vibratory function that the High Priestess will allow us access to, but its unfortunately not available as a “lower” or Materialist mind can grasp. This is because the etheric vibration of such a “plane” of knowledge is not available to the “ego” in the sense of a Personality or Self of Buddhism. This is the Curtain on the Middle Pillar in the picture of Smith/ Waite. The Fruits are the Pomegranate ¬†and represent a very high level of Magical action that was Ingested in the ancient mysteries. She doesn’t allow those who are not attuned to her cycles access to this level of information. Unfortunately its usually through “Discursive” knowledge of the Books of Akasha and not the Akashic Records themselves that we obtain access to. This is because the experience of eating the Pomegranate is like that of the 3rd level spoken by Faivre. Imagination and Meditation. Thus only through Discursive knowledge does our over Informational society obtain the keys to do away with the Brain and what C.G. Jung called our “Obsession with the Thinking function”. We move to the Non-Discursive. The higher realities of the Formless, which as close as we can get to is the Silence and paradoxically the Vibratory experience of the Silence.

These ‘levels’ of understanding are not common, therefore Yeshua said do not cast your pearls among swine. Meaning do not divulge the sacred to those who would profane it by misunderstanding or use it for material and selfish ends. This is why Buddhist masters of the Wisdom of “Shamata” or Emptiness , do not teach Vajrayana techniques to the Uninitiated , not to withhold that from those who earnestly seek, but to protect those who would abuse and misuse the information of the Secret Doctrine.

In Robert Places’ Alchemical Tarot, the High Priestess , holds her finger to her mouth , like the ancient god Harpocrates. But this is not the meaning. It is subtle that the Silence actually connects the Heart and the Brain , as demonstrated by the Heart Math institute and others in Heart based Scientific Research. Since this is not a science blog, per se, the intent is not to advocate the views of Heartmath institute or bring them to controversial debate, but to explicate that the silencing of the thinking function is the best way to really understand the mysteries of the Gnosis. The High Priestess is our guide through this Multi Leveled and Multi Faceted pages of the “Book”.

Valentinian scholar Einar Thommasen in The spiritual seed says the following about “The Book” of the Living from the gospel of truth that “It suggests a list of names, and specifically the names of those who have been elected to receive salvific life”

This is extremely important because in the Gos of Truth of the Nag Hammadi it says

There was manifested in their heart the living book of the living, the one that was written in the thought and the mind of the Father, and which existed from before the foundation of the Entirety with his incomprehensibility (19:34 -20:3)


Getting to the Gnostic part of the Card. We see that in the idea of Father as that ” which existed before the foundation of Entirety” or the All which is the Mother. we are able to see that there are names , or spiritual essences in the “Book”. This is not a physical book , but one of the Heart. One way that Nature discloses HER secrets is by Attunement to her. Its by this kind of deep connection that the heart of the Initiate is able to be instructed and the Alchemical process of Apotheosis is undertaken. However since her book is over hundreds of millions of pages long , we can never fully understand her ways. Only by deep “conjunction” are we able to manifest the great maxim of Thou art That! When we find that we are not seperate from life, but intrinsically part of its cycles we are able to start to take our first lesson and steps. Blind in the world of reality we awaken and Transform into our divinity. This is the concept of Buddhist Relative and Ultimate truth.