I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa..


Its almost the Winter Solstice of 2014. We have been viewing the card titled The Empress and the ultimate womb of nature. It is the Womb of Nature that is signified in the card that we are viewing. She is at this moment making a great effort to birth the Avatar of the new year. We are struggling to make the push toward our ultimate moment of consciousness. When working toward this moment of emergence we must understand that the deliverance of our Solar savior happens both Microcosmically and Macrocosmically. The sun is birthed out of the constellation of Virgo ( The World Soul) and then the three wise men (Orion) are there to see its birth. The same process happens in the Heart of the initiate , and the deep force within the Psyche is made manifest through this time of darkness.

Its one thing to say we are going to be extra cognizant of the Divine Feminine during this time of generation of our Savior, but its another to be willing to be part of that process itself. By the restriction of the will , we are placed in a position where the Heart has been prepared and is ready for the process of self-generation. The world soul gives us our first birth when we are formed in the womb and our senses are born, we therefore become evolved from our reptilian/Animal brain and we are pushed toward the emergence of our Real Self. From this ultimate place of perspective we are now on December 21st – 23rd unlocking the treasure chest of our divine heritage and birthright. Meaning we are given a measure of Virtue and Blessing at the time of the Winter Solstice and we are then “dolled” or meeted the measure of our connection with either our Selves or Mother. Very much the same way that a child is either pulled toward oneself or ones protecting Mother.

Ken Wilber in his Avataric Development book talks about the stage of the developing body and how it goes through the Pleromatic ( all encompassing womb of pre-cognition) where there is no state of differentiation between oneself and another. There is the Typhonic ( instinctual) phase where one is just identified as ones self in exclusion to others. Then there is the Egoic Trans Verbal stage where one cognates and identifies what reality is. This is the state of labeling. However in this phase of development of the Self or , birth in the traditional levels of Initiation; we are seeing the new world that the Spiritual Mother Sophia is birthing us into.

We can see this state of the Feminine Womb when we experience the New , Full, Waxing and Waining Moon. When the Self is reflected through the eyes ( light) of the Mother we are able to see from her influence what kind of Rays ( Virtues) are falling upon us. At the time of the New Moon we are experiencing a potent time of power, At the Solstice we are getting a measure of our Virtues as we have prepared to experience them. Our “Level” as Wilber would put it is either raised or we are pulled ever more into the Egoic State. We take our first breath of air and scream out in either bliss or agony as we are now ready to live in our Spiritual State. The Divine Mother and Father are absolutely Pivotal in this process. The mother of Matter ( actual substance and energy formation) and Father of Spirit ( Archetypal fluid pouring into matter) we are given an experience where we develop our Spiritual Sensorium .