Queen of The Blessed

EmpressThe empress is the card that is traditionally applied to the number three. Mouni Sadhi gives it in his book the tarot a contemporary course of the quintessence of hermetic occultism, says that the geometrical symbol for this Arcanum suggesting the idea of the ternary, will be in ascending, and apex pointing upwards; or descending, and apex pointing downwards, triangle. Depending upon the nature of the ternary.

What this says to me is that whenever there is a triangle we are to symbolically think of the card the empress. It’s not so much the triangle that point upward or downward but the geometrical unity of the figure itself. Geometry is somewhat of a strange art. Not because it’s precise, but because by the nature of esoteric geometry, there are fundamental areas of ambiguity. This is not according to Euclid, this is according to the esoteric tradition. However, when we see a geometrical sign in the tarot, it typically brings to mind another card. That is to say that the cards actually point to each other for more explanation creating a closed system.

The reason why it’s a closed system, is because it doesn’t depend upon information outside of itself. However we have depressed for a moment to explain the geometry inherent in the cards and the explanation of the geometry and other cards to elucidate the meanings in the card were focusing on now. Sadhu continues “a seated woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her Feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars: and being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to Be delivered.” (The apocalypse of St. John)

“clothed with the sun…” When the tarot was speaking about a woman, what exactly is it talking about, or more particularly what is Sadhu talking about. He says the sign Venus itself is a synthesis of two symbols shows a circle with a point in the center of it, this he says is a creative emanation. And also Venus contains a cross which he says is in the world of the elements.

As the tarot often will present us more and more symbols the deeper we get into it, we get stuck in the sort of “tar baby”. The tar baby will get into our minds, and start to meddle with the other preconceived notions that we have deeply impressed inside our psyches. This is how I symbol redefines itself when it presents itself a second time therefore adding to the levels of the Tarot, and our understanding of it.

Other Illuminist writers such as, tarot writers from the French Masonic traditions such as Levi, Papus and others are very careful to make sure that the card has the correct meanings coming from the traditional esoteric praxis. The reason we have to go into this seething cauldron of debate and speculation is because in the late 1900s we have a very, very deep indoctrination from members of the Golden Dawn and other groups with good intentions but not so good information.

Meditations on tarot say that the third Arcanum of the empress is that of sacred magic. ” there are three types of Magic where the magician is the instrument divine power which is sacred magic; magic with the magician himself as a source of the magical operation-this is personal magic; lastly, magic where the magician is the instrument of elemental forces or other unconscious forces-this is sorcery.”

Magic where the magician is the instrument of divine power, is what this card should mean because nature has powering it inherently. Even though it says magician, we don’t want to get a connotation of a gender. Magicians coming from the word Magi can be male or female of course, and it is the divine feminine that allows us to even have contact with these three forces explained in meditations on the tarot. This is quite a long post due to the fact that the blog had sufficient writing for a long duration. We’ll really trying to do is get to the fundamental levels of why the Tarot operates the way it does, and it is only by the deep revelation of the tarot’s principles that we are able to even grok the meaning behind these archetypes.

Levi calls the third Arcanum “triangle of Solomon”. Again, we are seeing the three inherently has a focus on the geometrical shape of the triangle, Levi says “the perfect word is the triad”. He also says that it is “because it supposes an intelligent principle, speaking principal and a principle spoken.” Intelligent principle is the archetype of the empress, the speaking principal… Would probably be the card because something cannot be spoken without the use of language, and in tarot, we are using the cards as our linguistic system replicating a model of all divine language. Therefore it says to us that the perfect word in the triad the absolute revealed by speech tells us that we were able to experience Nature at its core, without the interference of a conceptual system. With a conceptual system, you place a label over the “thing itself”. This means that as long as we’re looking at the label were not able to see what the thing actually is. This is easily seen as Levi says; the sun manifest by its light cruiser makes this manifestation officious by heat.

It’s important that we grasp these principles because when we are loading into our psyche the ability to focus upon higher principles and the attunement of the lower self with the higher self’s principles, with better get it straight in order to build upon level after level. If the first level of the building is not built to cannot stand from the penthouse and look over the summit and see the magnificent site in our magical manifestation on mode. This is exactly what the third card of the tarot Arcanum allows us to do, it reaches into our experience of the triad whether upper or lower and allows us manifestation of power by our “Nature” which is also Physis.