Venus, Ostara and Wesak



It’s been a while since this blog has posted. We are ready to move along (finally) to The Empress. The Empress is perhaps the least understood card in the entire pack, often overshadowed by her counterpart The High Priestess, we see a different mode of illumination when it comes to this card. On most of the empress cards in the tarot world we see a woman , feminine figure seated in a royal manner. This is almost certainly going to depict the complementary side to the Emperor and its feminine equivalent. This means that there are Emperors and Empresses . The Divine Feminine element has been marginalized in most , if not all philosophy and doctrine. We however are not unfortunate in that respect because the tarot , of all systems of gnosis and philosophy has retained its feminine character.

On a cosmic and astrological scale we see the same thing , as The Empress represents Venus, we see the beautiful Venus treated with irreverence and disrespect throughout the world. Yet as Venus is showing herself more and more through her usual form Aphrodite, in the Tarot she resembles more of a Ostara goddess of Germanic pantheon.

Ostara usually associated with Easter has more than a hint of sexuality associated with her. Of course its odd when we realize that Easter is usually celebrated in April the month of Aries in Western world, but in the Eastern and particularly Buddhist tradition , the Shakyamuni Buddha , Gotoma received his Satori Enlightenment at the time that Venus came into view, which is what we call Wesak or the Day of Buddhas Enlightenment, or the Full Moon day in the Month of May.

Some say that it was this power of Venus which allowed Gotoma to achieve his enlightenment, and rather than turn the power behind Buddha into a story that overshadowed his enlightenment, The Empress is the magistrate that orders it! “Behind every great man, is an even greater woman”. Literally coming into manifestation before the Emperor is the Empress!

Venus has been seen as a horrible and negative force in religious and spiritual traditions and characterizes what most occultist call the “wet way” or the way of manifestation upon the path of materialism and extreme sexual activity. Tarot is inherently sexual because it understands this libidinal force that stands as the LVX and Great Astral Light that Levi was so fascinated by.

Of course this Psychic energy is the digital information matrix that is accessed unconsciously and then formed into manifestation in the cards, as we see them in their flesh. Sophia as the anima mundi of the Tarot shows us her magical form of manifestation in the Empress. Empowered with the secrets of the High Priestess , she gives form to a new race of humanity as she is almost always depicted as pregnant. That humanity is the 6th root race, or those who are empowered by the Intuition and Divine Feminine grace of Godhead

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