The Emperor’s new , and subtle clothes

flat,550x550,075,fGreetings! In our discussion of the Emperor , the 4th card of the major arcana , we’ve discussed multiple points of interest.when it comes to the psyche and rulership, one must govern one’s own actions , ideas and goals. But there is of course an important caveat to this idea and that is there can’t be any kind of collective if every individual is focused on goals that are for “oneself only”, to borrow a phrase from Lurianic Kabbalah. With the discussion of Kabbalah, I think it would be a great time to introduce a connection from the Tree of Life.

In the tree that we use at Gnostic Tarot Cards , it has been mentioned that there are divisions of 3 mothers, 7 doubles and 12 elemental letters in the hebrew alphabet. In learning this system some are confused what to do with the tree itself.This is something each person would need to determine what would be most useful, but as we use the tree , this card EMPEROR would correspond to GEBURAH and BINAH, it would be the connecting link between the two. It means what it said in Genesis 1:11

And ELOHIM said, Let the earth bring forth the
tender herb, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree bearing fruit after its kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth; and it was so. And the earth brought forth the tender herb, the herb yielding seed after its kind, and the tree bearing fruit, whose seed was in itself, after its kind; and God saw that it was good.

So it is a permission to “bring forth” from the “earth”. This is important because we must understand what these books say when they make statements like these. Nevertheless when it is describing what DALET does it says SEED many times. Of course most won’t like the idea of SEED, but this is also represented in the Babylonian tale of the Enuma Elish

O Asari, [Marduk] “Bestower of planting,” “Founder of sowing” “Creator of grain and plants…”

So we see that the action, is of SOWING, or works. This is important because Emperor’s should be judged and discerned by their actions. Of course in the doctrine of regeneration of Swedenborg these actions are called seeds and have to do with “repentance”. Although we use the word “repent’, the word is best understood as “change your mind, or submit” this is a way that we can eliminate the pride of being attached to the REAPING. The results are to be of that great reality we call “god’s will” this is no where more applicable than it is to the royalty and political heads of country and state.

As it were, Prince Frederick Von Hohenstuaffen had this same idea, and in the Medieval times was one of the only people in political power that “submitted” to the rule of the Divine on Earth. He was so oriented that he stated in opposition to the political , religious and cultural norms of the time that grand Initiates and Adepts should rule and lead the welfare of humanity, and held regular “synods” of Adepts to run the affairs of the times. Hohenstauffen conversed and worked hand in hand with the most astute of his time, including alchemists, occultists, theurgists, philosophers, etc. of course there was a papal curse placed upon Hohenstauffen that was supposedly to the “last bastard”, but this does not change the efforts and grand accomplishments of a true “prince of light”

This shows us that the work of the Initiate surpasses that of one’s individual interests and even that of inner circle of family and friends, but from Malkuth to Keter! Whether or not we are in a role of accepted political influence or can make it only to our local city counsel meeting it is imperative that we interact with the world by SOWING the actions that would be most beneficial to humanity. In our present case in america it would be to help those that are impoverished, needing fair wages, health care, control of armaments and other progressive “efforts” that will finally bring the sovereignty or Kingdom of Jesus on earth

“It is spread out upon the Earth, but men do not see it.”

Gospel of Thomas , Logion 113

Possibly because ideas of Patriarchy and class have destroyed our ability to see that men are just another form of mankind and ultimately the same as womankind. This is why our teachings and works of the true Disciplina Arcani must be given from one to another by the spreading of “good seed” and “fruit yielding” actions. However that which bears no fruit, and of course “fruit” should be understood not as fast food or something that is detrimental or destructive, but that which can be assimilated, turned to nutriment and support of the body meaning the human body!.. shall ultimately be casted into the fire. As we purify our hearts and minds this election year, lets dare to work the magic of unity and bring about a true State of Union!