The Ruler of The World

We are still discussing our 4th card of the major arcana titled The Emperor. In this card is the whole of a political ideal, like was suggested in the last post. As we have seen the power behind a emperor figure is to “Rule”. In this manner everyone is a emperor, and it is precisely to this extent that this card can be such a boon for inner growth and development. In a Platonist parallel  we can call the emperor a “rule-Setter”. This was talked about by Plato , or Socrates as the one that makes the names of things, those functions of the things correspond to their names.” out of the Critias ” the rule-setter apparently used the other letters or elements as likenesses in order to make a sign or name for each of the things that are,.”

“The things that are ” or TA ONTA in Greek is part and parcel with the term gnosis. So we see not some ruler as history would show us, but the attribute of ruling. The Number 4, a great number is very much built from other numbers and also contains in it self the 1,2,3. This is very valuable because it is in the upside down pyramid that power to the individual really lies in. We of our time think that we are at the tip or the number 1 of the four tiered pyramid, but though we may be given dominion of our bodies, sometimes we are not, our blood, organs are other internal parts are taking damage after damage from the actions of another. This is not the ruler but the ruled. As Plato mentions to AlcibiadesAlcibiades

” The most self-controlled man (sic) teaches him not to be mastered by even a single pleasure, so that he can get accustomed to being a free man and a real king, whose first duty is to rule himself, not be a slave to himself.”

Ruler of one’s own emotions, of one’s thoughts and of one’s actions. This is the great meaning that is behind the word FREE. A Builder or Craftsman , ie “Rule – Maker” that is FREE is given the tools of his craft to make use of that which he names. We must identify like a great ruler that which we are in charge of. This ultimately is a great key to leadership. Leaders do not follow another’s rules unless the leader deems the rule something worthy and beneficial to follow.

Humanity must learn how to rule itself, without the forceful indoctrinations of others. If one is free then those actions which have been performed from that freedom will enable and empower others to become free as well. It is infectious to be a Rule Maker, everyone follows one who makes rules. One of the great powerful secrets of this card is the ROD or the SCEPTRE of the adept ruler and the forces that exist through that privilege. This refers to the great levels of initiation.

Along with this card are the symbols of the CUBE and the Cross. A quote by the great Mouni Sadhu from his book The Tarot should be quite fitting with this line of thoughtthought

“If you are able to rule and to exclude all thefunctions of your lower principles-that is, your mind-brain and astral consciousness-then go beyond all manifestation and its laws. It is possible, for many have performed it, and so returned to the Inconceivable, Unknown FATHER, the Absolute, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, without qualities, timeless; beyond all good and evil, above all relativity. To THAT, about WHICH Buddha and Sankaracharya dreamed, in WHICH all saints hoped to find their final rest, and which was realized before our eyes, and for us, by the last Great Rishi of India-the Maharshi Ramana.”