Level Headed

It is now time to discuss the Hierophant again. We are brought back to the area of the Hierophant’s sacred discourse. The words that are spoken to us are meant to be personal and intimate to one’s spiritual development. In Kabbalah the Hierophant card represents the letter “Heh” and its the connection between the Keter center or Crown and Wisdom or Chockmah. Now we are not here to spew already known Kabbalistic correspondences that is something that has been done over and over. We are here to open ourselves to a sacred discourse either audibly , by a teacher or sacred guide, or by the vibratory element within nature that we are seeing in the action of the double cross.

According to Mouni Sadhu , the cross is called “the great cross” and here is what he had to say about it

” The perpendicular stem of the Cross means the channel through which flows the current, passing through the three lower worlds, symbolized by the horizontal arms of the Cross. In order to make the form perfect, one should not only catch the idea, but be able to realize it in its mental, astral and physical phases”

This Hierophant speaks to all our levels of being. We are not only spoken about the Physical Mysteries but the Emotional, Mental , Spiritual ones as well. The work of the tarot helps us integrate elements of our Lower and Higher Psychic Triad, and it is within this context that the Hierophant on earth represents the Great Hierophant in the Heavens. How is that? We know what some of the great initiators in antiquity were referred to in a mystagogic role, some were even called Hermes. Hermes was not one great initiate, a Hermes was a place of attainment such as a Lewis is a Son of God in Masonry . In the Christian Mysteries the Christ was the attainment of Yeshua and was a spiritual designation. Christ or Christos is a term for one who is “anointed” and this anointed one or Messiah is also related to the Tiferet center in the Kabbalistic tree of life.  By the great wisdom of the Great Hierophant we are told the mysteries of the 6th arcanum so we can journey into the 7th. once in the 7th chariot we can then proceed on the journey through the virtues and then to our last septenary.

The Quest of the Noble ones at the feet of the Hierophant have taken into consideration the dual modalities on the path of return. One up the column of the Mother and the other up the column of the Father. Each has an ability to manifest certain attributes depending upon the choice that is made. WE who would journey to the deep and are taking our first steps to the beginning of the journey have now started to listen to the Hierophant of Nature, Soul and Spirit. WE therefore are preparing to be like those who say

“when the ear of the student is ready, the lips of wisdom are opened”