Two Wings to Fly Away to Glory!


We are still focusing upon the Sacred revelations of the Hierophant. The mystagogic figure depicted upon the cards often has a kind of special symbolic value associated to the images presented. Specifically to the two fingers being held up , or held over the heart are seen as “benediction” , what is actually depicted is a subtle change that was between the thinking of the two or single nature of humanity. Its a very interesting place that the card takes in relation to the religious aspect of the Two Forces. There are two columns, there are two fingers held up, there are two people prostrated at the feet of the Pope. In the image there are also 2 references to 3  the Triple Crown and the Triple Cross. Its interesting that the Crown has three different levels of enlightenment. It could represent the Physical , Subtle and Spiritual “attainment” of a real Priest, meaning it gives a deep representation of the actual place that the authority of a spiritual practitioner has been derived from

It is of interest to the Esotericist and Occultist that the writings of Meditations of the Tarot by Valentin Tomberg has a reference to MELCHIZEDEK. This Melchi – King of Tzadik Priests, represents the overall place that the Hierophant gets authority from. Now to throw the Gnostic angle into the picture we are going to look at it through a different perspective.

The so called “Sethians” are the Chosen few in the books of the Nag Hammadi. Seth is the Third son of Adam and Eve, and Seth is supposedly the Receptical of non mosaic tradition, ie Melchizedek and not Abraham. The Abrahamic religion is that which is Judaic, but the Sethian or Melchizedekian work is from Adamas and is more about the Group or Ekklesia, meaning Church of Enlightened Beings. This story is very important in the work of Martinez De Pasqually. Pasqually like we mentioned before numerous times, is also seen as a Mystagogue, and he called the Church of Adam or Group of Spritual Majors as the First Church or the Gnostic Ekklesia. Why all these different terms? It is important because the Hierophant is not just one individual, there is no single individual pulling all the strings in any form of manifestation. Even when relating to the Occult Planes, such as those of Ascended Masters, there is a Council. Some like the Shatan wish to take over the council and institute their own “order” or Ekklesia , this is respectively known as the Dark or Black Lodge. Lodge meaning in the Occult sense , Plane. This is similar to what a Merkabah mystic experiences when traveling from one Shamyim or heaven to the next.

It is only a select few that even care about such things, indeed in a age of Fundamentalist propaganda, taken out of its historical context the Pontiff of the Church here on earth is still without the “staying” power of the Ekklesia or Spiritual Church Council. This is why Illuminated men and women need to be “born” into the phase of development that the Hierophant is offering. It is said that the “two” fingers represents a specific demarcation between the Single Nature of Christ or Divine Spirit and the Dual nature.  It could actually in this “icon” mean  Two polarities of manifestation , indeed the Vessels and their counterparts the shattered Shards or Klippoth.

May all who strive for Gnosis find it, and when you find it may you share it and being shared may you keep it

In Light