The Mysteries of The Fifth Arcana

We are still  discussing the Hierophant or Sacred Revealer of the 5th Arcanum in Tarot. Going along with sacred revelations , it must be discussed that in antiquity the Hierophant was always the medium  of the sacred gatherings of initiations. In the times of the Egyptian mysteries of Osiris the method of revelation was a “play” or Dramatic representation of certain interior processes and transformations that were covered in myths of the sacred institution. This is to say the Myth of Osiris was also a internal process of the Brother set ( demiurge) and this slaughter of this other brother Osiris (initiates soul) with the Horus reassembling Osiris’s body, we are given a indication  of a Myth that has a Moral, Philosophical and Initiatic representation.

For instance the Hierophant was in Aboriginal times called the Shaman, and the Shaman was a sort of Priest of the tribe that had passed through certain stages of preparation and purification, to be initiated into a sort of “other world” like communion and raised in consciousness to become more than human, but semi and ultimately purely Deific. The “revelations” of the mysteries were not something grand in the sense that we would see something different than every day things. It could be something as mundane as a Apple or Fruit of somekind. Another is bread and a cup of wine, another may be a stalk of wheat or a vision of the sun rising upon the Nile. It is in otherwords something extraordinary in the ordinary.

Perhaps the cards themselves are “revelatory” in nature. They possibly can take us through a stage of “preparation” to a “purification” ultimately resulting in a impregnation of meaning into the image itself leading to the Vision of Divine energies and potentialities. This is the intent of the Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog, to create a stage of Preparation for those who are not satisfied with their current way of spirituality. For those who know deep down that the connection of Godhead is not through a Human medium but can be known directly. The Hierophant gives some kind of “support” or “strengthening” of the influx of this power, to force the development of the initiand and push up the developmental fire and energy to “expand” consciousness or Initiate.

There are several initiations for those who are prepared and purified enough to follow the course of evolution. The path consists of several grades and developmental stages that are in similitude to those of Alchemy. This stage of the Osirian Priest-King is the Dissolution phase and similar to the Crucifixion of high grade initiates. The process has always been held in the highest regard by all and those who seek will inevitably start to penetrate to the inner circle of adepts who like the hierophant show us the polarities and powers of the divine pleroma. Our revealer gives us the “keys” to ordinary processes and shows the “truth” behind our words actions and intentions permanently altering our “view” toward a vision and experience of Apotheosis

In Gnosis