It is time to discuss the 5th topic of the Major Arcana. We are now discussing the card titled the Hierophant ! from the Greek words Hiero Phainein meaning Sacred , and To Reveal or Disclose. More “profanely” titled The Pope. Its a great time for us here at Gnostic Tarot Cards. We have been transformed from the lower septenary , through virtues, to the social characters and divine archetypes behind them. We are journeying to the beginning of the process. Thats right! Part of Hierophantic revelation or discourse was the beginning for those who were called “listeners” they were those who were on a road or path to begin. Sometimes its easy to be caught up in the book learning and language of the day, to the point where it obstructs our ability to actually identify, or better yet , qualify, the greater impulses in life. This is EXACTLY what the Sacred Revealers of Wisdom did in the Ancient Mysteries, they showed us through odd rites and practices that there existed a “Mysterion” beneath our day to day existence.

The Hierophant shows us the Hieros Gamos , to use a sort of mnemonic tool, on how to Unite with our higher nature. As a depository of wisdom, there was a tendency to revere the revealer, but the important point, that all teachers impart to students, is ” the one who reveals is different than that revealed”. This was the antithesis of the Pope who was all about keeping in his personage the entire power of Union, or Salvation, or whatever the Hierarchy said they were giving, but never completely gave. It is the job of the new pope, that of Wisdom to impart to us “the things that are”. This was the way that when practiced led to the goal of becoming “wise”.

The Pope on the other hand did not transmit this Mystery, the Pope transmitted the Creed and Dogma of what has aptly been called “churchianity” because the Pope (since that is the PRO FANUS term behind this card) was supposedly given power from the Authority of Jesus Christ to save and baptize. But these rites were very old and had been practiced for centuries before the Orthodox “version” of them had been approved for the public. This is because even the Catholic , which means “Universal” , Church was aware of “deep mysteries” according to one of the Church Fathers Origen. There was a “public” teaching and there was a “private” teaching. The Private version was what gave the Church sometype of power but was said of some to be “withheld” from those who instituted the Religio Lictia of Rome.

As a “sacred” which comes from Sacr , meaning Holy, we are getting a Holy revelation. For some that means something different than others. So before we go forward these ideas must be discussed because each card of the Tarot is meant to be used with others, its these seed ideas that are imparted and right before the Holy Revelation of the Pope is the “emperor” and afterward “the lovers” . This is the first time we looked at the cards before and after the one in question, but its important because we are now getting to the beginning. We are seeing how the Emperor became the Pope and then instituted the Lovers. This is the POPE and not the Hierophant. One is from a State Emperor the other is not. So we are going to end with the “Two” kinds of Holy Revealers but going forward we are now “revealing” the New Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog on our own site http://www.gnostictarotcards.com/blog . This is where we will have ample space and ability to customize content better for our viewers, hopefully revealing the Tarot of Holy Revelation

In Gnosis