"AND I KNOW , That kinda love, make a grown man cry"

“Mothcr of all, who bore Love, Aphrodite,
Lamp-bearer, shining and aglow, Sclcne,
Star-coursing, heavenly, torch-bearcr, fire-breather, Woman four-faced, four-named, four-roads’ mistress. Hail, goddess, and attend your epithets,
0 heav’nly one, harbor goddess, who roam
The mountains and are goddess of the crossroads;
0 nether one, goddess of depths, eternal,
Goddess of dark, come to my sacrifices.
Fulfill for me this task, and as I pray
Give heed to mc, Lady, I ask of you.”
PGM IV 2557-2567
Welcome to the discussion on Trump number VI and the impact it has upon us. Now is a time for great triumph for the site because of the “love of wisdom” that has been incorporated into the “main bones” of the gnostic tarot cards site. http://www.gnostictarotcards.com
I particularly like this card because of the Kabbalistic reference to the “male” being crowned by his “feminine” companion. This to me brings up the ideas of Chivalry and the Wisdom or Sophianic tradition. Here we have Eros hitting the knighted one with the arrow through the crown being placed by the feminine “priestess” figure. This is important to realize that he is in a place of service. She bestows upon him nobility and this picture is great as a indication of true love as a service to another while maintaining the sovereignty of one’s self.
The other thing that is being shown here is how the crowned knight is in a place of reverence with his left hand over the heart center. This is one of the universal signs of love and especially connecting to ones feeling self and heart center when being struck by the arrows of the angel of love. It also shows my next point that the “crown” of “wisdom” is placed upon the reverent knight when the crown is penetrated and blessed by Sophia. In the mystery tradition this crown would represent the attainment of the Royal Way. This is exactly the picture being depicted, as a “VAV” this Knight, which can be either male or female in sexual hardware, is taking an oath for the service to wisdom. Being the “link” or the VAV , meaning AND. For this is truly what a lover is. It is the AND . Meaning its not the ONLY or OTHER its an AND. For humanity has lost this place of dignity and sovereignty because it has failed to see itself as royal. The “kingless” one is actually being made KING. This is important because only by the quest of service can true Kingship be attained.
The noble one that is on a quest for knowledge of the CROWN and service to the PRIESTESS is on his way. Toiling whatever land must be toiled, he is ready to take his journey toward danger and treacherous landscapes. This s another depiction of the VAV ready to form into the last HE or the Tifferet center that is on the lowerside of the Lightning bolt. http://www.gnostictarotcards.com/Kabbalah.html . In the change of Gnosis that is taken place by a connection with the Queen, the newly inducted Knight is on its way toward the land of “incarnation” meaning the spark has been given an arrow into the center of the crown and is ready to venture into the lands that Knights go to, wilderness, forest and the unknown. Although taking the journey is dangerous and likely to cause an amnesic effect, the knight bold and brave is willing to risk it.
“0 heav’nly one, harbor goddess, who roam
The mountains and are goddess of the crossroads;
0 nether one, goddess of depths, eternal,
Goddess of dark, come to my I sacrifices. 2565
Fulfill for me this task, and as I pray
Give heed to mc, Lady, I ask of you”

Love the Changes!!

We are at an exciting time for the Site and Blog. We are finishing up with the short discussions on the Lovers card and while the series is approaching an end in the near future, the site is getting more and more “structured”. As you all know Gnostic Tarot Cards Homepage (http://www.gnostictarotcards.com)is full of links to all previous blog posts, previously that was the only functionality available, but now the main page consists of a link with a redesigned logo. That logo is a interactive “map” to the 3 main divisions of Tarot Correspondence system. 
On the Kabbalah page, if you click on the tree of life to the right on the logo, you will see a fully “perfected” tree of life as represented by the Ari, Issac Luria. On the right of the Logo you will be able to go to a Astrological mode, and that system is part of the “inner” and “esoteric” system taught by world renowned Tarot teacher Christine Payne Towler. That is called the “ladder of lights” and it is fully functional. You can click on all symbols of the Zodiac/Planets and will get the card related to that symbol. This “map” is active on EVERY page. That means where ever you are in Gnostic Tarot Cards Homepage you will be able to get to the 3 main sections of the site! The Fool on the logo will pull up a full diagram of the 22 major arcana. This is meant for fast interactions and correspondence. The experience gives a “core structure” of the Continental Tarot Model. This is important because the symbolism is ancient and is “as is” meaning has been fully represented accurately within this tradition. So as we are getting closer to this end , we are starting on a beginning from a past perspective. Enjoy for years to come.
Next we are currently just reflecting on  the tarot as a system of symbolism. But continuing forward there will start to ‘pop up’ specific topical writings that explore the depths of the tarot symbols and in particular relationships to Platonist and Gnostic groups . These writings will explore terms that are used from the actual mysteries and will contain much of the language of initiatic societies. Because the Gnostic and Wisdom Schools are synthesized through the models of Kabbalah, Astrology and Alchemy, the site will “structure” the essays in this fashion. Eventually the “reflections” will be grouped, edited and given short perspective of current Continental Modalities.
I would like to thank all supporters of the site and blog. Through this year and a half things have changed, we have gone from scarce information on an already confusing topic of Initiation and Wisdom Tradition to an authentic place of reference that incorporates all known spiritual traditions, both exoteric and esoteric alike. It has been to my great honor that readers have stuck with the site and all its vacillations of structure and expansions. We are now at a great time, all the articles have a super meta structure and core to be related to. WE have as Christine Payne Towler calls them “bones” of the entire mystery school teaching behind the Continental model. As far as the conversation on the “lovers” we are in a place, of loving the entire world ,as what has been accomplished by giving the actual architecture of the temple ,tarot may be displayed has been restored. This point can’t be stressed enough. The tarot if known how to be used will fit into many , many levels of understanding. We give Practical, Doctrinal or Philosophical, and Theurgical or Operative. The “Superstructure” that we have presented on the site gives solid foundation and application of any symbol system  its this megalith of backbone that is given as a physical body to use as a “vehicle” . But this must be said, It is due to the cards themselves and the wisdom they contain that this “blueprint” has become public.
For those conversant with Astrology we will push your understanding to the max, by subtle and obvious representations in the tarot. our only changes that take place in the cards is the world and fool, because they can relate to either the Fire Triangle or the Sun. They are interchangeable and ironically both mean the same thing. When we discuss Alchemy , the entire practice of medicine will be propelled upon the way of the “seven” ultimately corresponding in the “heavens” or Shamayim, as a path to “Perfection”.
In the reflections themselves we will collate and collect these into several E format Books and Publications both on popular device focused readers and print on demand options. The YouTube channel will be focused upon with fervor and determination to bring complex teachings upon the ladder, tree and all the facets that must be understood in depth. Facebook will notify you of any new information or changes. Twitter can and does help as well. WE are!
Hopefully these new media channels will not be taken as an intrusion or violation of privacy. They are high-tech ways of remembering the Tarot or Holy Book of the Mysteries when caught up in day to day activities. The reflections are seen as a place of introduction to things that are quite foreign and native to every day life.  They have been given very powerful “seed” ideas that infuse a different perspective in a very short time, as I learned from Bishop Stephan Hoeller and was why Isreal Regardie was very happy with Hoeller’s meditations. However, Hoeller differs in the Architectonic structure of the Tarot and adapts the system of the Golden Dawn.
Upon this I will say that I’ve messaged Imperator Griffin from the Alpha Et Omega ( McGreggor Mathers lineage) and he let me know that the A.O. (Alpha Omega) has “inherent flaws” that the A.O. seeks to correct. I was discussing Alchemy and Tarot or Tree of Life correspondences, this was something that he was aware of and the change made by Mathers by adopting the Kircher tree was what “broke” the theurgy of the Golden Dawn and “cut it off” from the Third order. or Hierarchy.
In our version you will find the Ari model as perpetuated by Aryeh Kaplan in the Sepher Yetzeriah. This is the most authentic he could find and is perfect for “our purposes”, much arguing and debate has centered upon this topic and the reason we are “Fixed” upon this particular tree is that it represents a Pre Edenic state of Consciousness and Ontology. It is not presented as the ‘most” historically accurate,it is the best we are able to find from an authentic tradition of Kabbalists, meaning it was something “used” from these groups,  just like  The Order of The Golden Dawn used the Kircher tree , we in the Continental School “use” the Ari tree. This will become evident as you transition from Practical to Philosophical tarot, then ultimately to Theurgical and Operative use of the Tarot.
So what about our conversation of  “Lovers”? well , this post is in response to what my dear teacher and grailmaster Lewis Keizer said in response to a facebook post ” its about the choice between false gnosis and authentic ” therefore as in similitude with the modifications of the site I offer you a gift as “authentic” as can be found.. a treasure map! Seek well the treasures that lie within, and may your Nous guide your journey!
Tim ,  Fratre Lucis, Cor Meum Lucidum