In The NAME of Love

We are still analyzing the card titled The Lovers that is traditionally numbered 6. The number 6 or Hexad relates to the process of One into three and each element in the Three giving birth to its own self, or autogenes into its dual or Sygyzy. The one Monad gives itself a birth or sees its reflection and this Dualism is set in motion, otherwise it means that once divinity recognizes divinity, emanation is the result thereof. This story is epitomized in the mythos of Adam and Eve, and its particularly evident in the iconology of the Waite-Smith Tarot. Its not the subject of this little article to expound on the differences of the English Vs. Continental Tarot, however as an icon without any other alpha-numeric correspondence attributed to this card, Waite-Smith captures the Kabbalism of this Arcana very well.
On the icon we are given a picture of a serpent, male , female and divine being above. Aside from the blatant Misogyny of attributing the Catholic doctrine of the fall and “males” being the divine man or Theos Aner. We have a image of primordial Adam coming from A-DAM meaning¬† “from the earth” and EVE “life”, the deep meaning of which is best explicated in some of the “commentaries” on Genesis , some of which are in the Nag Hammadi and others from Mystics and occultists. For the time being, we are looking at this story from a “gnostical” point of view. A great key to this story lies in the “angel” that is depicted above the couple, it is in this picture that a real doctrine of Adam and Eve are seen. The Narrative of Genesis is known by many, but what is usually shown is that Eve ate an Apple, and Adam followed suit, that Adam was questioned and held accountable for Eve’s suggestion from the serpent. This is a very poor way of viewing such a story, first this is the SECOND creation story, the first was how the Cosmos was created and how Adam and Eve were a “emanation” of the power of creation, known in Semitic as YAWEH.¬†
This creator god YAHWEH had created “angels” to carry out the work of creating the visible world of earth, this is therefore a key to how the story is seen “gnostically”. The angel or Androgyny was a very important factor because before the Fall , Adam and Eve were created “the most beloved, above angels” but after the fall they were “of the earth” these are words that depict a polarity in the “fall”.
It is this great polarity that creates the “fall” . The Androgyny or Angels were given the power to create, then some decided that they didn’t want to subject themselves to an all mighty power , or their source. It was the choice of these Majors that they didn’t want to return to Unity, of these were known as “angels” or some have called them “demons”. It was the work of the collective group of “fallen angels” that were speaking to Adam and Eve. This is funny because in Kabbalistic work of Martinez De Pasqually, who had exceptional abilities of “magical” power, we show that Adam was a First spirit and that he was considered the Theos Aner, meaning as a Divine Man or MANAS the A-DAM was given the abilities to fashion the universe as it was guided by principles emanating from and in harmony with the One power. It was the prevication of the A-DAM to deeply fall into the “serpentine” wisdom and take on a power which was not able to be harnessed. This created a dualism and therefore a “living” being in lower manifestational sphere, The “life” or densification of the Bodies created a reflection of Theos Aner and was projected as an “earthly human”. This is the great story of creation according to Pasqually. Its important to see that in this “general doctrine” Pasqually infers that A-DAM is still in a Theos Aner position in the Cosmos, this is in fact why humanity is able to “rewire” oneself to gain the previous powers and attributes of Divinity.
The ‘serpent” was given a bad reputation in the “post exilic” story of Genesis, but the Occult wisdom of Genesis says that the “serpent” was a dualistic representation of its Major and “fallen” aspect as well. This is the meaning of the statement ” you shall crawl on your belly ” meaning that the serpent is forced to be grounded in “earthly” nature. The wording is again, funny at best because it indicates an inference that the “serpent” at one time was NOT earthly and was in a position of great power to disobey a all powerful YAHWEH. The entire symbolism of the “serpent” was withheld and the truth of its “nature” undiscovered by but a few..
This few were those who had sufficient understanding to “penetrate the deep mysteries” of this story, the Gnostics or Knowers. Since the beginning of the mystery schools there has been a discipline that was practiced in a priesthood and generally unknown to the public. This was the work of “reintegration” or “yoga”, its a tradition that has spanned through history and was first spoken about in the mystery schools of antiquity surrounding the teachings of mystagogues in “theory” but the “practice” element was generally withheld from those not properly prepared to receive the wisdom that the actions or Dromena were symbolizing in the stories of Mythology.¬†
We often mythologize the actions of initiates in stories of lore and are particularly enshrined in hero tales. The Hero as Campbell has shown repeatedly is a Dramatis Personae, which is a storybook character that undergoes all the vacillations of life to construct a “goal”. It is this “goal’ or “event” that is acted out in the mysteries , spoken of and revealed in the system of division related to those schools. But still this is study, and not practice. The actions of the “great work” , so called because of the “result” that happens from the actions undertaken, is designed in a way that builds upon a subtle condition and increases its radiation through the bodies of an initiate. The tremendous “tests” that we are given are the choice of “life or death” meaning the tree of life, or the tree of knowledge. Knowledge isn’t really life, its a form of analysis or opinion. Its when this study becomes applied that the subtle work begins, at each place of “expansion” the intiate obtains a “degree” and then the entire structure is changed. Eventually if persisted in this process produces “mastery’ meaning the highest initations. When we are looking at the Adam Kadmon , or in greek Theos Aner, we are beginning to see the primordial powers and true constitution of our birth, its in the Bar Enash, or New Humanity that this “work” entitles us to become not a Man-God but a God-Man. In otherwords we are “reborn” in a process of Palingensis and the Bar Enash is planted in the Heart.
This work takes long times of oral explanation and study to ‘grok’ but when we start it we are given many rewards and benefit because of the “expansions” that take place, we change ourselves toward a divine “reintegration” or “regeneration” so we are able to regain our lost powers and attributes. This isn’t something that is “eliminated” because its spiritual, the more we are able to get from the tree of knowledge, the more our ascent on the tree of life will build, slowly, our entire psychic structure and the Choice of “good impulses” will propel our humanity.
In Gnosis