Cast Off This Faint Heartedness!

“Do not yield to such confusion and weakness, O son of Pritha! This is unworthy of you. Cast off this base faint-heartedness, and stand on your feet, O scorcher of enemies!”

Bhagavad Gita – CH 1.


Its still the time where we are reviewing the 7th card of the Esoteric Tarot Arcani. This card is titled The Chariot. In this respect we are going to reference the above quote from Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavad Gita is a story of great power and helpfulness . It stars a warrior king, Arjuna and is set in a battlefield. Arjuna is despondent to his situation because on both sides of the army are his family and friends. This is what makes it difficult to choose for poor Arjuna. At this time of emotional defeat his higher self makes connection with Krishna the Avatar of the Hindu Tradition, similar to Christos or The Anointed One.

Krishna says ” Do not yield..” This Grand Charioteer of the Soul tells us not to yield. We are not to give in even though we may be tempted to. In times of great struggle we are set into a panicky that is pan-icky place of reference. It is in this time of “fear” that we are given “faint-heartedness”. In this faintness of Heart we are disrupted from the service we are here to do. As Arjuna shows us , we are taken into an abyss of pain, confusion and weakness.

It is in this weakness of our choice to differentiate between what is the right course of action that we are weakened, this “base faint-heartedness”. Base because it has to do with the FIRST CENTER of our Subtle bodies. We are awakened at our Base and this Wheel of Spirit is acted on , our being is taken over by a dis empowering place of “psychic localization” as CG Jung calls it. Basically we are “locked” or “knotted” up in a place of paralysis and causes confusion, that is the inability to choose the “way of the heart” and we are disoriented as to our purpose.

It is in this atmosphere that we are greatly ready for the FIRST INITIATION. That of the Birth of a New Life. We are conceiving the Krishna consciousness inside by referring to the Soul , rather than that of the Mind where we are confused. In this great battle we listen to the Charioteer and abdicate our power to choose between the “white or black” horse.

In this place of great “Overlighting” we are given direction and guidance, similar to what a charioteer does, but this is the Soul’s Charioteer, We are guided by a Hierarchical Power. Like my advisor says ” The Soul even Has a Soul” This┬ásoul’s SOUL is the Charioteer Krishna or Christos. When we are given a task of great Hierarchical importance we are then non “confused” and re attached to our “Heart”. Once this is done we are able to truly use the Great Fire of the Monad as the “Scorcher of Enemies” or Dark Forces. For there is really one Enemy, that is the Force that makes us choose the Involutionary path or to put it in initiatic terms Virtual Reality and its hold on us to conform our consciousness to involutionary thoughts and eggregors