Mental Health and Its Power of Propulsion


We are here going to discuss some of the great initiatic truths that the image of The Chariot represents as our 7th Tarot card in the Major Arcana.

It was discussed previously that the two main elements of this work are the chariot, and horses. But we did not explain the aspects of how this card may be seen in the light of the great hall of initiatic wisdom. We spoke of the body and its senses and other ‘vestures’ but didn’t talk of other aspects, aspects that are particularly poignant in Emmanuel Swedenborg’s writings. Swedenborg was a great Fifth Degree initiate and had amazing connection to the world of the spirit and archetypes, he says about the “chariot” and “horses” the following:

“To “ride upon a chariot and upon horses” means to be instructed in the doctrine of truth from the internal understanding of the Word.”

“the doctrine of love and charity from the Word being meant by the “chariot of fire,” and the doctrine of faith there from by the “horses of fire.” The doctrine of faith is the same as the understanding of the Word as to its interiors,”

“The signification of the horse, as being understanding, was derived by the wise round about, even to Greece, from those churches. Hence it was, when they would describe the sun, in which they placed their God of wisdom and intelligence, that they attributed to it a chariot and four horses of fire.”

Swedenborg Arcana Coelestia

Faith or Fidelity is the term used in the New Testament inappropriately translated “belief”. The Fiery Horse is to be in the stage of development where the vehicle of the body, emotions and mind are empowered and are given an influx of “fire” this fire however only happens from the “work of the chariot” or Love and Charity. These two doctrines Love and Faith are spoken about in Paul of the New Testament and are also mentioned in most of the Kabbalistic texts as well. AMEN or Fidelity is an action word and may be rightly associated with the term WILL. Love or Compassion is the other force that guides the “Fiery Horses”.

Its pretty evident from reading through Swedenborg’s 18K pages of material that when he makes reference to the “horse” and “chariot” he means the understanding of the truth and the doctrine of the truth respectively. This is similar to the idea that there are explanations of and experience of, one being more authentic than the other. When we refer to “God’s Chariot” we are referring to the DIVINE TRUTH of GODHEAD. The same as when the following is said in the Nag Hammadi on Yaldabaoth:

Now the prime parent Yaldabaoth, since he possessed great authorities, created heavens for each of his offspring through verbal expression – created them beautiful, as dwelling places – and in each heaven he created great glories, seven times excellent. Thrones and mansions and temples, and also chariots and virgin spirits up to an invisible one and their glories, each one has these in his heaven; mighty armies of gods and lords and angels and archangels – countless myriads – so that they might serve

On The Origin of the World – Nag Hammadi

The “Chariots” mentioned are the Truths of the Demiurge. When allegorically we are allowing the Chariot to pulled by “Dark or Red” Horses we are in possession of those powers that are lower and of Yaldabaoth. Its also pertinent to see that the White and Black horses must be in balance by the chariot. In Kabbalah Emanationism when a Divine Force is created or Emanated it necessitates a Dark Power with it. This is because of the subtle realms of the Noetic Plane. When the “supersubstance” of the universe is used to create humanbeings a part of that creation is a neccesary evil or inimical image to that of Divine Birthright.

These images are stored in our subconscious and can either be neglected and rendered powerless, or when we are “inattentive” the Horse will become activated, therefore releasing Yaldabaoths creation and the image becoming a “Chariot” for “His Offspring” . In other words it becomes a ruling Archon and gets an autonomous psychological function that wreaks havoc and creates a sort of “possession” .

This then is the power behind the “Fire” that spreads through the HORSE. When we empower with our thoughts geometrical images and energetic vortexes the Charioteer “Guides” the “Forces” or Horse. We are then able to use this horse to pull us on when we are weak, or we are in great need to stop what has been placed in motion by the proper balance of the “Two Impulses”