The Legalites of Living


Welcome back. We are studying the path of ascent or descent into the heart of Themis, or Justice. Now as we are fully aware Justice means Law, and in the aspect of Themis it means Divine Law. Its important to understand there are really only 2 possible laws of the Heart. This is the knowledge we are concerned with in the Tarot, that of the Gnosis Kardia, or Knowledge of the Heart. Specifically the knowledge of the way the heart interacts with the spiritual world.

For those that are not aware yet of the YouTube videos let me give the link . When you visit i’d particularly like to point out the introductory video to alchemy since that is the topic that is being covered in this post.

In the Kabbalistic interpretation of Genesis, when the words “made in the image of god” the word image is spelled yyetzer , Dr Lewis S. Keizer points out that ” yyetzer means two natured or two motions of the human constitution, one to the right and one to the left of Plato, Yetzer Ha Tov, and Yetzer Ha Ra”.

The Yetzer Ha Tov is the good impulse and Yetzer Ha Ra is the bad impulse. These are pivotal when discussing alchemy because when at the moment of either literal or self induced death the “Chalice” pours out and then the center that the consciousness of the practitioner is most in affinity with is crystallized. In the purified one of the Third Initiation or higher the consciousness is raised to such a level that the heart crystallizes and then all the planetary forces in the body are brought to a focused point in the heart!

This is profound, which is a word I use regularly, but I don’t overuse it. The profundity of this teaching is really at the basis of the Royal Way, the Kingly way. This is the way we can travel and practice that removes the need for the Dramatis Personae from our lives. Meaning when we are able to accept this LAW or Divine THEMIS we are able to craft our own destinies in the higher realms of being.

It is true that Becoming is a place that is not identical with being, but before we can Be what we are first we have to undo the reflection of what we have become, this is where the metaphysicians and occultists talk about being vs. becoming. This type we are talking about is true becoming which is the undoing of the ego or , becoming that which doesn’t become. Its a way of stating that we are working to undo the building of the mind over matter, and that we are gaining perception of true laws. Once this fun-house like realm is entered, there are also gifts, which on the first level is the destruction of Hub or Sin.

Only those who are under the law are subject to sin, the law in this fashion is the Human Law or Human litigation that was spoken about in the last post. Those who submit to divine law or THEMIS are put into a realm that is beyond karma and akarma but that of divine existence known in Alchemy as the Rubedo. Divine Marriage