Take a Bite Out of Crime!


We are on some of the last discussions on the Justice card , which is the eighth arcanum in the Major cards of Tarot. So we have been discussing the Law but haven’t really gone into the premise that lies behind this idea of Justice. Without a CRIME where Law or Justice needs to be fulfilled or enforced there would be no need for Law. Its a fact that those who are most afraid of rules and policies are those who break them.

Since it relates to the current stream of ideas, now would be a good time to go within your A-DAM , you ‘manas of the red earth” and ask if you are in fact guilty of any crimes against the Divine Law. This is a very subtle point but its important. Julius Evola in an amazing book titled “Hermetic Tradition” speaks about knowledge of the Tree being a quest for immortality and equality to divinity. In major catholic doctrine we are explicitly told over and over again that we are NOT god, we have never BEEN god and never WILL be god. This is disconcerting to say the least because of the necessary sympathetic responses that need to be born in mind when answering these deep existential questions.

If we are going to accept that Adams crime was that the power of the will was misused and therefore was restricted to materiality with a loss of divine powers as a result , then we are going to buy into the idea of a Fall. The acceptance of this doctrine of the fall isn’t the problem, the main problem is the acceptance that we broke a Law that can’t be amended , that restitution is impossible. This is where we are at in relation to the issues at hand when considering MAN and his divine powers and status in the cosmos. This was the intention behind Master Pasqually’s Elus Cohen

It should now be evident that the Law that was broken by using the Divine Will and Psycho-Noetic powers of the Godhead, resulted in a Divine Crime that Themis has taken into her compassionate heart and has found us redeemed through the message of the Christos. In Valentinian teachings particularly of the West, Sophia falls to our planet when the crime is commited and wanders till redeemed by the Christos therefore restoring humanity at the time of the Over lighting of Jesus on the River called appropriately Baptism. In this profound redemption the ‘sin’ or Hub of the A-Dam “man of the red earth” was ‘cleansed’ it only takes a recognition of this through expiation , by a ‘sacrificial’ rite that brings us into harmony with this other and more helpful principle, we are also saved under LAW. This is the other side of the scale, the law that redeems that is stronger than that which condemns.

So for this next two weeks , try to practice the embrace of the Redeeming Law rather than the Condemning Law, with this shift human kind might then have a better opportunity to have its Divinity and Divine Powers finally restored.

In Gnosis