I Fought the Law and The Law Won!


We are now at the 8th Tarot card titled Justice. Justice or Law is the card that comes after the Chariot and before The Hermit, she is depicted almost always sitting upon a throne and usually with scales in her hands.

Themis or Justice is the word related to Divine Law as opposed to Human Ordinance. Divine Law or Themis is the goddess of the cosmic ordinance. Its not by mistake she is assigned to the number 8. Eight represents two circles one upon the other. Themis as the mediator between these two worlds of real and unreal or reflected is in a position of great responsibility

In Egyptian mysteries the candidate would go through a ceremony that was given in the Halls of Maat, Maat meaning Justice. In the Hall of Maat the “accused” would be weighed for appropriate development to experience a “cleansing of karma” if the Heart was found to be lighter than a feather then Maat would declare the initiate perfected and eligible to pass on to the next level of spiritual development.

Justice is given a very delicate position in a gnostic trump line up because she is the feminine consciousness of Sophia seeing the creation of Sophia Achamoth. The middle is where the Christ is  or the Heart of the Number 8 as two levels of the Feminine universe are brought together it isn’t until the Sophian redeemer Christos is given the overshadowing of the dove, that he is able to bring that fractured portion of Sophia back to her homeland.

It would seem that the Gnostic Mythos says that woman is not complete without the mediation of the Christ principle. That is not true. The mother is there to nurture the christ , she is there to help it and to bring it to the mediating ground of a center of great wisdom and love. Its in the Christ or Monadic Heart that the “reflected” world of Sophia’s Achamoth is redeemed, The original Sophia has never fallen only that essence of herself that was sent to us to bring harmony back to the creation called Man.

This topic is very deep to contemplate , but I think the reason why Sophia needs to generate herself is to show her very soverign role in the Creation Mythos. No creature was ever made by a father his son and overshadowed spiritual connection, that is absurd , there has to be a Mother . A Divine Feminine. Therefore its when the harsh human mind of the Law “eye for an eye” is tempered by the Divine Mother’s Akarmic compassion and nurturing that the Christos can rest between them and say:

Do not think that I have come to revoke The Written Law or The Prophets; I am not come to revoke but to fulfill.

This Christ must fulfill the upper Pleroma of the top circle, its not until the force of the bottom circle that tries to cut it self off from the top that we are stuck without a mother “Intuitive” response that generates in the Heart, that we are completely left to write our own law ” Eye for an eye”

“That all laws which bear the title of Themis, ought to respect their profit for whom they were made”