Take a Bite Out of Crime!


We are on some of the last discussions on the Justice card , which is the eighth arcanum in the Major cards of Tarot. So we have been discussing the Law but haven’t really gone into the premise that lies behind this idea of Justice. Without a CRIME where Law or Justice needs to be fulfilled or enforced there would be no need for Law. Its a fact that those who are most afraid of rules and policies are those who break them.

Since it relates to the current stream of ideas, now would be a good time to go within your A-DAM , you ‘manas of the red earth” and ask if you are in fact guilty of any crimes against the Divine Law. This is a very subtle point but its important. Julius Evola in an amazing book titled “Hermetic Tradition” speaks about knowledge of the Tree being a quest for immortality and equality to divinity. In major catholic doctrine we are explicitly told over and over again that we are NOT god, we have never BEEN god and never WILL be god. This is disconcerting to say the least because of the necessary sympathetic responses that need to be born in mind when answering these deep existential questions.

If we are going to accept that Adams crime was that the power of the will was misused and therefore was restricted to materiality with a loss of divine powers as a result , then we are going to buy into the idea of a Fall. The acceptance of this doctrine of the fall isn’t the problem, the main problem is the acceptance that we broke a Law that can’t be amended , that restitution is impossible. This is where we are at in relation to the issues at hand when considering MAN and his divine powers and status in the cosmos. This was the intention behind Master Pasqually’s Elus Cohen

It should now be evident that the Law that was broken by using the Divine Will and Psycho-Noetic powers of the Godhead, resulted in a Divine Crime that Themis has taken into her compassionate heart and has found us redeemed through the message of the Christos. In Valentinian teachings particularly of the West, Sophia falls to our planet when the crime is commited and wanders till redeemed by the Christos therefore restoring humanity at the time of the Over lighting of Jesus on the River called appropriately Baptism. In this profound redemption the ‘sin’ or Hub of the A-Dam “man of the red earth” was ‘cleansed’ it only takes a recognition of this through expiation , by a ‘sacrificial’ rite that brings us into harmony with this other and more helpful principle, we are also saved under LAW. This is the other side of the scale, the law that redeems that is stronger than that which condemns.

So for this next two weeks , try to practice the embrace of the Redeeming Law rather than the Condemning Law, with this shift human kind might then have a better opportunity to have its Divinity and Divine Powers finally restored.

In Gnosis


When Justice , Just IS!

“Remember , child of Earth, that to be victorious and to overcome your obstacles is only part of the human task. In order to accomplish it fully you must establish a balance between the forces you set in motion. Every action produces a reaction , and the Will must foresee the impact of contrary forces in time to temper and check it! All futures hang in the balance between good and evil. The mind that cannot achieve balance resembles a sun in eclipse.”


We are still contemplating the card titled Justice . As you can see I’ve added a portion of the Paul Christian History of Magic document. supposedly from ancient Egyptian times of initiation, though probably not, it does explain some of the Key components of Egyptian initiation and should be interesting to look at when we make our examinations of the 8th Key to the Major Arcana.

Christian says ” to be victorious and to overcome your obstacles is only part of the human task. In order to accomplish it fully you must establish a balance between the forces you set in motion”

Balance between the forces you set in motion. This statement is really giving us a peek into the realm of a new kind of choice. Justice to be truly just must take account of all the options available, otherwise it is not deemed fair. It is the same with “the actions we set in motion”. Its because we have a CHOICE, this means that we must be free enough to set forces into play, we must have the ability to do and to not do. This is really the basis of moral choice . Do or DO NOT!

The idea that we are given Justice by being able to choose is not exclusive to the Tarot card Justice. It is relevant in an earlier idea popularized by a few revolutionary figures in history. The first was Plato who said that the world was composed of two dynamic energia , this energy circulated either to the right, or the left. This was further postulated in the Hebrew transliteration when in Genesis the bible says “they were made in the image…” this word for image was ‘Yetzer’, the actual word was spelled ‘yyetzer’ with two y’s. Why was the word “yetzer” intentionally spelled this way?  it was to mainly show the double nature of the psyche or mind, that even though we emanated from ONE source, we have TWO psychological natures, and out of that nature (mentally) we become in affinity to either the positive or upward path or negative, downward and de generative path.
This was later even spoken by the tradition of Jacob Boehme and DA Freher. In Boehme he makes reference over and over to us having “both inclinations in us”. This is his version of the “shrek” or the breaking of light and darkness. Its when the light crashes into the dark that the light penetrates the darkness, but when the darkness combats the light then we are stuck in a position of opposition, either way a choice to darken or lighten is available and Boehme makes many , many references to this particular idea. In Freher , on paradoxical emblems ( my version is a limited copy from Adam Mclean ) he states that both duality and unity are available for us to make a choice in a picture of that series of emblems.

These references along with the pseudo history of Paul Christian state that all action needs to take into these two polarities to be exact and harmonious. Otherwise we are in conflict and one will win over the other.
The problem to this kind of thinking is , implicit in the statement light and dark, and the harmony that must be struck, we have a implied meaning that if we can’t choose, its automatically darkness. This doesn’t take the scales into play. Its EITHER dark or light, is the additude  . This is a reverse negation of balance, and its the main crux of Psychology. Creating a polarization with one view, disintegrates the persona to a point of ineffectiveness and reduces the libnial energy which is required for initiatic work.

What the above means to say is what Christian does say ” All futures hang in the balance between good and evil. The mind that cannot achieve balance resembles a sun in eclipse.”

For a sun to have its relevancy it must postulate that which is non-sun. This is subtle but its like saying Epistemologically that everything that is apple has value but also everything is apple. Its essentially saying there is not a way to differentiate so we can’t really identify something as apple. This seed thought will develop when remembering that “nothing can be crystallized without reference to its non crystallized opposite” this is the great conflict of the psyche to resolve the disunity by creating it.



The Legalites of Living


Welcome back. We are studying the path of ascent or descent into the heart of Themis, or Justice. Now as we are fully aware Justice means Law, and in the aspect of Themis it means Divine Law. Its important to understand there are really only 2 possible laws of the Heart. This is the knowledge we are concerned with in the Tarot, that of the Gnosis Kardia, or Knowledge of the Heart. Specifically the knowledge of the way the heart interacts with the spiritual world.

For those that are not aware yet of the YouTube videos let me give the link www.youtube.com/gnostictarotcards . When you visit i’d particularly like to point out the introductory video to alchemy since that is the topic that is being covered in this post.

In the Kabbalistic interpretation of Genesis, when the words “made in the image of god” the word image is spelled yyetzer , Dr Lewis S. Keizer points out that ” yyetzer means two natured or two motions of the human constitution, one to the right and one to the left of Plato, Yetzer Ha Tov, and Yetzer Ha Ra”.

The Yetzer Ha Tov is the good impulse and Yetzer Ha Ra is the bad impulse. These are pivotal when discussing alchemy because when at the moment of either literal or self induced death the “Chalice” pours out and then the center that the consciousness of the practitioner is most in affinity with is crystallized. In the purified one of the Third Initiation or higher the consciousness is raised to such a level that the heart crystallizes and then all the planetary forces in the body are brought to a focused point in the heart!

This is profound, which is a word I use regularly, but I don’t overuse it. The profundity of this teaching is really at the basis of the Royal Way, the Kingly way. This is the way we can travel and practice that removes the need for the Dramatis Personae from our lives. Meaning when we are able to accept this LAW or Divine THEMIS we are able to craft our own destinies in the higher realms of being.

It is true that Becoming is a place that is not identical with being, but before we can Be what we are first we have to undo the reflection of what we have become, this is where the metaphysicians and occultists talk about being vs. becoming. This type we are talking about is true becoming which is the undoing of the ego or , becoming that which doesn’t become. Its a way of stating that we are working to undo the building of the mind over matter, and that we are gaining perception of true laws. Once this fun-house like realm is entered, there are also gifts, which on the first level is the destruction of Hub or Sin.

Only those who are under the law are subject to sin, the law in this fashion is the Human Law or Human litigation that was spoken about in the last post. Those who submit to divine law or THEMIS are put into a realm that is beyond karma and akarma but that of divine existence known in Alchemy as the Rubedo. Divine Marriage



I Fought the Law and The Law Won!


We are now at the 8th Tarot card titled Justice. Justice or Law is the card that comes after the Chariot and before The Hermit, she is depicted almost always sitting upon a throne and usually with scales in her hands.

Themis or Justice is the word related to Divine Law as opposed to Human Ordinance. Divine Law or Themis is the goddess of the cosmic ordinance. Its not by mistake she is assigned to the number 8. Eight represents two circles one upon the other. Themis as the mediator between these two worlds of real and unreal or reflected is in a position of great responsibility

In Egyptian mysteries the candidate would go through a ceremony that was given in the Halls of Maat, Maat meaning Justice. In the Hall of Maat the “accused” would be weighed for appropriate development to experience a “cleansing of karma” if the Heart was found to be lighter than a feather then Maat would declare the initiate perfected and eligible to pass on to the next level of spiritual development.

Justice is given a very delicate position in a gnostic trump line up because she is the feminine consciousness of Sophia seeing the creation of Sophia Achamoth. The middle is where the Christ is  or the Heart of the Number 8 as two levels of the Feminine universe are brought together it isn’t until the Sophian redeemer Christos is given the overshadowing of the dove, that he is able to bring that fractured portion of Sophia back to her homeland.

It would seem that the Gnostic Mythos says that woman is not complete without the mediation of the Christ principle. That is not true. The mother is there to nurture the christ , she is there to help it and to bring it to the mediating ground of a center of great wisdom and love. Its in the Christ or Monadic Heart that the “reflected” world of Sophia’s Achamoth is redeemed, The original Sophia has never fallen only that essence of herself that was sent to us to bring harmony back to the creation called Man.

This topic is very deep to contemplate , but I think the reason why Sophia needs to generate herself is to show her very soverign role in the Creation Mythos. No creature was ever made by a father his son and overshadowed spiritual connection, that is absurd , there has to be a Mother . A Divine Feminine. Therefore its when the harsh human mind of the Law “eye for an eye” is tempered by the Divine Mother’s Akarmic compassion and nurturing that the Christos can rest between them and say:

Do not think that I have come to revoke The Written Law or The Prophets; I am not come to revoke but to fulfill.

This Christ must fulfill the upper Pleroma of the top circle, its not until the force of the bottom circle that tries to cut it self off from the top that we are stuck without a mother “Intuitive” response that generates in the Heart, that we are completely left to write our own law ” Eye for an eye”

“That all laws which bear the title of Themis, ought to respect their profit for whom they were made”