The Social Color, Or Lack Thereof



We are now at the 9th key of the Tarot cards titled Hermit. This Hermit is at first a very sullen looking character, perhaps the most depressed looking at first. It’s important to realize that his grey robe in popular occultism is actually a representation of whats called “the robe of glory” or aura. This aura by isolation is turned colorless or grey when unhealthy. To me this represents the necessary cycle of death that the old Hermit goes though.


The ‘robe’ has been discolored because of the extant 3 untied knots in the walking stick, meaning the ‘walk’ or activity of this old man has been very poor indeed. This of course isn’t the grey reality as a static place of unchanging conditions and circumstances, but it’s an indication to the pupil that this card is telling a very realistic tale. The life of one who follows the lights of conscious expansion is in very immediate danger of ‘polarization’ to the light who can and will devalue the bodily aspect. This is one way of viewing the card. The other is that by realizing one’s final purpose life takes on meaning ultimately and is a guiding force in one’s life.


YESHUA Said “the kingdom is within you”. This sagely advice in connection to this card  is to me a warning that a Kingdom, or Malkuth that is neglected will become knotted and choked up energy will gather at the base level. Without the vitalization of the aura the power to manifest this kingdom will be completely baseless and the light though in front of us will be an illumination no doubt, but our life will not embrace the light and we will focus upon the container of light to harness it . Instead the vitalization of the etheric body and the auric influences will be dissipated and there will be darkness in spite of perceived light.


This is because as Mar Yeshua said ” the kingdom is within you” and our image is holding an external light. There are other interpretations but this is the story of involution, unless it’s recognized that the tarot is speaking to our involuted nature and is showing a way of evolution as well we will be polarized upon one aspect of the body and the other of body less, form and pure energy are synthesized in MAN. This is why the hermit is such a great figure, it represents the aloof manner of polarization toward two extremes, and each creates knots.