He Who Gives… Receives!


As I was glaring at the El Gran Tarot Esoterico version of the hermit, I was taken back by the White beard. I often see the strength of a lion , a hunter, a doer in an old man. The Duc De Palatine says that ” we are stuck with the image of a father figure” And I guess that this ol Hermit is my father figure archetype

In the snowy mountains there are many hermits , in meditation and contemplation on the greater good. This is the real atlas, the weight of the “real” world is upon their shoulders, because the world they have to be strong with is one where they are seen as the most hungry, needy and proud of individuals in the jungle. Sure there are those that are able to shed the “Father Figure” but not always. What usually happens is like the Duc De Palatine says ” you love him because you want to be him, but you hate him because he is what you are not”. So long as we are putting our worth and measure upon another to carry our burden , will we be ruled by this father figure.

The real world of earth is not the monetary one, that is a symbol of the worlds exchange. The real life blood of our world is the “etheric sphere” this is why the Father must be linked with the beneficent role of the Sun, spreading rays, indiscriminately to all who need them. With money we can’t do this. Money is simple exchange , as our famous Ayn Rand said ” Value for Value”, this is only a partial truth. When we leave Atlas “father” to hold this planet for us in our pursuit of money or even worse to swindle it from those who have it, we are stuck increasing the burden upon those “gods” and when doing so we destroy our ability to be free of them.

Since these little snippets of tarot reflections could be expanded indefinitely we will get to the point. The real world that atlas holds is the subtle world of our thoughts, emotions and decisions . This energy is the “burden” the money is just a symbol for this mass of condensed energy that we have thrown upon Atlas ” father” Shoulders.

When we are considering the Great Ones that take this burden, now we know that our Enterprises and Corporations are increasing the “etheric” load on poor atlas’s shoulders, will we then shrug?

There is a better way, by taking upon oneself the burden often casted upon others we can clean our lives , we can keep house, repair our country and disempower those who are in a delusion of temporary gain while making the Solar Logos’ Shoulders Buckle with Pain and Agony, altruism can’t be forced , but can we live without it? Our Cosmic Father , Atlas is holding the entire energetic content of what we do in agony and writhing pain ..

will    we   shrug?

In Gnosis