Again and Again, and … Again and Again!



Welcome to the Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog! We are still discussing the key of the Tarot that is called THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. It’s especially relevant because of our current economic situation, especially in the United States of America. It’s important to realize that FORTUNA is not created by a static place of “already there” but a constant Becoming. However this is a danger of the system. Because motion always creates a counter motion it’s almost impossible to stay in one Economic position. Even if one experiences this “abundance” or “prosperity” in relation to finances it’s not true “abundance “ unless the consciousness of its downfall is eliminated.

I would challenge the reader at this point to really focus on the Gnosis that this card is trying to convey. It’s not only relevant to one’s current “situation” but if circumstances warrant it will prepare for future successes and failures. That is the MATERIAL version of this card. There is a ASTRAL or EMOTIONAL level to this card as well. As the mind turns and revolves upon the external sensory and MATTER we are taken into a sort of whirling motion, because “energy follows thought” we are in a position to evaluate from center and not from a station of unbalanced perception while on the wheel. The only way to really get off this turning wheel is to bring back oneself in MEDITATION. This effectively creates a bridge with the inner truth of FORTUNE, that it is a wheel and all wheels are dependent upon a central axis or axle. This axle is the true essence of motion and without the wheel has no purpose and becomes a round object.  The wheel is what makes the entire mass of an object moveable. It’s not that difficult to understand materially, of course we get into a car and that car is propelled by an engine and moved on the axle and wheel system.  Now if we believe in the Hermetic axiom “that which is above is like that which is below” then we are in for a treat.

This principle really states that anything that is too large in mass for us to transport, must rely on the principle of motion. E-Motion this is the movement of energy and is extremely difficult to ascertain, but for our purposes this Wheel is that of the feelings. Feelings are the biological result of mental states, otherwise feelings would be without cause a reactive, in that situation the wheel would turn without a propulsion system and innately movement would be unstoppable. This can’t be as we all know because there must be a subtlety of “Non Movement” for Movement to be possible. When it comes to emotion the principle that overrides emotion is that of the MIND but not the mind that is dependent upon the emotion, for this principle to take effect the mind must be the emotions god! Again brought to our Hermetic Axiom “As above, so below”. If the NOUS has made itself god over the 3 vehicles of the Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies then we are in a position of rest “…And on the Seventh day God rested”. Rest from what? It is the rest from the motion of activity, when we meditate upon the tarot we are placed in the SANCTUM of the HIGHER MENTAL bodies and the FIRE internally circulates properly as the axle of our PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and LOWER MENTAL (INSTINCT) Vehicle.

In Gnosis