"Wheel in the Sky keeps on Turning.."

We are still studying the 10th key of the Tarot Arcanum which is Wheel of Fortune. Its important at this juncture of the series of analyses on the Tarot cards to focus upon the aspect of Karma. Reincarnation and Karma are two different things. In classical Buddhist thought karma is the result from ones actions, the tenet that one action can’t occur without a previous disposition is valid here. The action of Karma is the arising of seeds that have been deposited in past incarnations. This Reincarnated force is the effect of Karma and Karma is the Cause of Reincarnation. Its important to realize this at where we are, because the idea of just “rotting” in a box is not valid in the western esoteric tradition.


The “rotting” experience comes from the idea that matter is dead, this is rooted in old ideas of Docetic thinking. Basically that Divinity is Separate from Humanity and therefore is the basis of Theism. We of the Western Mystery Tradition however, do not assert that matter is dead. We assert that matter is intelligent and from the foundation of its establishment is dependent upon a more refined but not unlike source. This is similar to the water and ice conclusion. Water is the basis in form of Ice in form. Even though they have the same elements they are different form. This is the nature of the Body and Soul. The Spirit is more like the deep structure of the Water molecule, which is beyond the human senses to perceive.


The 3 divisions of the wheel are the three turners of the wheel of karma, namely the will, its returned impulse and the result. This creates a self perpetuating wheel that feeds itself. When the mind starts “turning” the momentum of the experience in motion is easy to make deductions and experiential conclusions, however its important to realize that to accurately assess an object in motion it must be analyzed from that which doesn’t ‘t move. As Hermes Trismegestus says ” What is the size of that which moves that which is in motion” and the response is ” huge” and Unfathomable.


Therefore the mind isn’t capable of understanding the basis of Karma, and here is the point that is most difficult to experience. The motion of the Wheel is self perpetuation and becoming but that which moves it is being. In order for Being to Become it has to differentiate itself. However this spoken in initiatic principals is much, much simpler. As is stated by a great mystagogue


“place a lighter that emits fire in front of the sun, and see that the lighters flame is just a lower version of the sun”


This is really profound and I would ask the reader to simply TRY