Turning of The Heart

” I awaken the Chalice of my Heart.. ” From the Temple Eucharist


We are moving.. along to the next Arcanum . The Wheel of Fortune. In the Wheel of Fortune we are going to see primarily conversation in picture form about the term “Motion”. Motion is talked about in the Corpus Hermeticum and Plato called it a ‘motion to the left’ and a ‘motion to the right’. This is also what was considered to be a Ascending or Descending motion. Another context would be Rising or Falling, and yet another is the Good intention and Evil inclination.

Each of these terms has a wealth of information tied to it, and were it not for space, I would be more than happy to offer resources or more information. Like my teacher likes to say ” the universe is user friendly”. Its not important to understand the distillation process when experiencing the effects, taste and all sensory data when it comes to a glass of wine.

Likewise , the esoteric instructions are of utmost importance and something as small as a smile speaks a multitude of Occult Data and Esoterica. For instance, the smile according to Mantak Chia is directly linked to the sympathetic nervous system.. this is the entire framework for sensation and the object of yogic performance.

In the Kabbalah “pleasure” is the SON. Boehme ( which was probably the most advanced occultist and esotericist that ever lived) Called the desire to receive “Pleasure , or Delight”. This was because the nature of a container is to feel that which is being placed in it. And for there to be delight there must be a Vessel. The Heart is that vessel!

In the philosophic reasoning of the great kabbalistic masters there were Thesis “ god is light” ,Antithesis “there is darkness”,Synthesis “ to god all is light even the darkeness” They agreed unanimously about a few statements in regard to the 3 Principals of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Now pay attention!
The father is in the kabbalists system of thought and gnosis the GIVER. The son is the ultimate RECEIVER and what is the Holy Spirit?? The action (will) of the loved (gratitude) to give back(spirit of giving). It is the action of giving that is the great golden blessing on humanity and doesn’t deplete oneself, because this card states that there is a suffering or hellish component to mere reception. There is only one propelling force in the Law of Karma, which is this card, that is ACTION! It is the WILL that activates the process of Karmic debt, and payment. When one RETURNS its the acknowledgement of the GIVER , RECEIVER and the RETURNING, or Eucharist.

In Buddhist thought , there are 3 levels of enlightenment, one is to get for oneself ,the other is to get to give back, its only by the second that enlightenment is actually received which is the release from karma and its consequences. This is called union. The Great Hieros Gamos, is performed by an active recipient that is practicing the six bodhisattva perfections and is therefore united with ones creator. In kabalistic philosophy this is called Dvekut or Adhesion. In Gnosticism this is called Hieros Gamos, in Buddhist Philosophy this is called Enlightenment and Clear Realization of the Mind of Clear Light. All this and more is performed by the action of the Smile.

How is a smile able to perform wonders?? Its because when you smile it validates the gift of blessing that has been received, and is a subtle action that returns the “favor”. 🙂

In Gnosis