I Second that E – Motion


As we are moving toward another Zodiacal year , we see that the Wheel of Fortune is moving as well. This cycle of the year and cycle of the heart are in essence the same. Meaning in the heart , there is a force that moves and rotates with the cosmos. This isn’t that difficult to see. On our card of the Wheel we see 3 principal figures moving. This is the 3 columns of the Kundalinic Channels known as Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. As they move the heart “wheel” is activated.


This is important to grasp at the beginning of our discussion because of the next thing I’m going to talk about. Newtonian physics were the one way that we discovered the laws of motion. In the wheel we see that there is a force moving the wheel but also 3 principal laws in motion , one is that anything that moves will move indefinitely unless there is a counter force to balance it , the second is that the counterforce stops the primary movement and thirdly this application of counterforce creates a opposing Re Action in relation to the first.

This is the statement that is based upon Newtonian Physics called “for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction”. This is a profound principle and in the future I will expound it  . But for now it should be known that for a whole to be split there has to be reunification inherent in the idea of a whole to be reunified back into the whole again. This sounds complex but isn’t really.


Unity can’t be split unless the split also creates inherently a force that also unifies. This is very important because if we split a Unity into a Dyad there must be inherent in the Unity a force that re Unites a Dyad, otherwise we would eliminate the idea of a Unity. A Unity once taking form as a Dyad cannot be a Unity, This is why a Re Conciliation must be inherent in the force of a Unity. If you can posit the idea of a “split” then you must inherently acknowledge a unity that was the host of a split. Splits cant split from a split. This is why Persian Zoroastrian philosophy is unexplainable from a Physical standpoint. Even if you have energetic fields like the High Causal planes there still must be a primary cause and a secondary effect. Unless cause and effect are both causal then we would be forced to agree to ” pantheism”.


In Valentianian Gnosticism there are two versions of the Pleroma in Valentinian texts. one is the Emanation version where every thing that exists, exists in a sort of womb of the Unity. The other is the emanational version of the pleroma where we are given a causal effect version of the aeons unfolding in syzygycial pairs , until a split! happens from the inevitable unity in diversity. In order to get a unity again there must, be a split and an unification.


Now this might be difficult to swallow. Satan is the Split , Sophia the Redeemer. The CHRIST isn’t gender specific. Satan isn’t the horrible demon created from Biblical times. Shatian is the “Adversary” not a demon. Its real important to realize that for us to exist there has to be something that pulls us to and from this existence. As explained in the Corpus Hermeticum II ” that which moves must be moved by something” This is scientific. For something to pass from form there must be an opposite reaction to a primary action. Birth must be brought to Death from a cause that is different from but inherent in the Birth Death cycle. In this schema the Birth is actually the Death of the Monad. And Death is the Birth back to unity, because there has to be a cause exterior to the effect.


This “cause exterior to the effect ” is why the Valentinian Pleroma is so difficult to explain and why ultimately Pantheism or Emanationism must be the Championing force as PHILOSOPHIA for all Spiritual systems of thought. Newton was in the inner sanctum of the Gnostic / Rosicrucian tradition and was part of a scientific elite. This is the inner meaning of the Newtonian Physics that are derived from Pythagorean mathematics and Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophical traditions. Valentinians expounded a mythological structure to new Initiands so the Mythological function would be accessed in Ritual actions. When the gradual explanations and preperations were undergone the Initiand would then be an Initiate and pursue the levels of esoteric instruction leading ultimately to the Reunification with ones Angelic self. The Hieros Gamos!


In Gnosis