Strong Initiation


Now we are studying the correspondences of the 11th Arcanum titled Strength. At one time it was called the Enchantress. This is way fun to look at the card in this manner because we are seeing mythology open up to us by the use of primordial images. However its not ok to mythologize an image just because that image has a seemingly accurate similarity with something else. Rather its extremely important to connect a card , its images and historical changes, of chronology and as a basis , that of its particular occult or esoteric expounders .

This must be the first order of business to get an accurate framework of the factual information contained in the image. We are also trying to ascertain the thought processes of those involved and a frame of reference for possible meaning. Only through thorough investigation into the facts of each key may we start to accurately dive toward deeper waters of interpretation or exegesis.

That being said I can reveal something written by CC Zain who is quoted on the Gnostic Tarot Cards Website under our sitemap and titled The Science of Will. the entire corpus of this older 19th century organization called Brotherhood of Light is available online , but as this important information has not really been made available, or if it has , it has been overlooked. The initiatic portion of this key says the following:

“- In the soul’s initiation Arcanum XI represents the spiritual and psychic powers that are the outcome of the neophyte’s occult training.”

“as this change, denoted by Arcanum XI takes place, he becomes increasingly more potent to use his spiritual and astral powers; for the power of a force depends upon the plane from which it emanates, and the finer the organism the finer the force which it is capable of receiving and transmitting”

As we can see, this arcanum is more than a lady with a lion and some medieval dress. This key is giving the synopsis of “occult training”. So what is it that we are going to manifest? These words to some are very spooky and denote what might be called “black magic” to most who try to practice these tasks. Glory of a lower self is NOT a path that unfolds the arcanum of this key. It is in fact a blockage to it. The animal self has to be subjected and mastered by the Sophian presence. Once the powers of Sophia are manifested ,”power of a force depends upon the plane from which it emanates”,the practitioner becomes more aware of “finer” “forces” and is in direct proportion to a “finer” “organism”.

So it is by the constant process of what the Medieval Alchemists calls “solve and coagulate” that the alchemical processes take place and the “gold” is received. This gold is NOT material metal, in essence it can’t. Gold derives also from higher emanation”a force depends upon the plane from which it emanates”. A plant like an organism is also ‘forced’ to, probably beyond its own will , face the light in an act of Photosynthesis and absorb the light of the sun. This is a “power” of growth, or etheric combination of fragrance and form, geometrically precise for not only opportunity for more potential seeds to grow, but those who would benefit from this growth for reasons like, food, shelter, clothing etc.

Moving up the chain of beings we are now, as humans ,incorporating much more than a piece of cow meat, or a seemingly unimportant vegetable. What we are eating or assimilating is ,in reality the psychic energies of numerous beings that have chosen to end their “lives” as an ultimate sacrifice for us. WE are their gods and we are their redeemers, they have given , much like prayers, the energies of themselves to our animation and propulsion. Its therefore important , of the utmost importance, to strengthen ourselves with this idea of reverence toward the efforts of these beings. When such an attitude is taken the initiatic statement

“- In the soul’s initiation Arcanum XI represents the spiritual and psychic powers that are the outcome of the neophyte’s occult training.”

will definitely come to fruition.
in the gnosis