Feel the Roar!


Here we are at the Strength card, in the past it was called Force, but in actuality the Arcanum is the “conquered lion”. It is the card that is focused upon sublimation of “lion” like forces, or Winds.

In Gnostic terminology this Wind is the  Psyche, of Psychic nature. The psychic condition is that of the divided Monad ( 1 + 10 = 11) This is the lion nature. The psychic condition is instinctive , animalistic nature. The number 10 usually represents that of Kingdom. This means that the 1 is in total relation to the many. The strength of the soul, mind, heart , and body ultimately relies upon this premise.

It was Paracelsus that championed the idea that Healing comes not from identification of the Symptom as a whole , but that the symptomatic nature of disease was due to a separation from a state of
Health which was considered Complete,Unified, Monadic state.

In the Gnostic Myth of the Demiurge this is called ” saklas ” meaning the psychic nature is created as the mind divides itself “self conciousness” from the Monad. This isn’t bad because in order for “self” to exist as a separate unit it must distinguish itself from the whole. When the whole is separated (10) it permeates the entire cosmos and gives each cell of the one body a “name”.

As we move forward the division between us and the whole becomes more unified, until its realized there is in fact, no division.

As we move toward the realization that the “lion” is animal and therefore a stepped down emanation of the Divine Monad, we will be like Yeshua said ” Eaten by the lion”.

In Gnosis