Worthiness and Values

Gospel of Thomas ; Logion 85 : “.. if he had been worthy , he would not have experienced death”.

Greetings: We are still studying the 12th Key of the Major Arcana cards of Tarot. This Key is titled The Hanged Man.
When we glance at this key its apparent that the money , symbolizing matter and social value , is dropping from the individual on the card. This card was originally titled “The Traitor”. This could have reference to Judas but most likely its a judgement that is placed upon one who is a non conforming “troublemaker” that has brought attention to oneself and has been charged with Sedition!

There is in history someone that comes to mind when the ideas Crucifixion , Sedition, Values , and Traitor are mentioned , Judas and Iesous or Yeshua.

Yet when referring to Adam , he stated that if he had been worthy, he wouldn’t have experienced death. Since we are discussing death by crucifixtion here, it was appropriate that this phrase would be used to extrapolate from Yeshua’s Logion initiatic material, very similar to Tibetan Lamas and Vajrayana Seed Mantra or Seed Mandala 🙂

Yeshua was talking about death , which is not possible to those who are worthy. This is not easy to explain because it has to do with the ‘constitution of man’ meaning that , like we discussed on the Death Key , Death is not considered physical death to Yeshua but Spiritual. This is when the subtle bodies are not built to be strong enough for the passing person to identify with and integrate upon the “bardo” of physical death.
Its different to see “Worship” as “Worthship” and shortened to the word “Worthy”. What Yeshua’s talking about is that if the original Adam Kadmon, or the Archetype of Humanity was worthy he , ( Hebrew terms aren’t gender specific , and this concept was anthropomorphized into a man , but means A-DAM, or “the one from red earth”.) wouldn’t have experienced death. Notice that death is considered an experience and didn’t say DIE!

Experience here is the dissolution of the subtle bodies back into elements that are deemed more harmonious and ready for integration upon further development. This is the “experience” that was spoken about. Therefore , there needs to be an object to experience something, meaning he didn’t die just experienced a death like state. For if Adam Kadmon died truly then mankind would have followed.

The “hanged man” represents someone who has reversed ones values and has been crucified , which was a public display of criminality. This is also strongly emphasized that the ‘crime” was sedition against materialism. Who would have the ability to crucify one for the breaking of the material laws?

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum