What goes up…


By now we are starting to grasp ideas that are rooted in deeper meaning and significance than our temporary emotional , financial and material existence solely. I say solely because we are not practicing asceticism, we are in this world but not of it. This is the disposition of those who are able to transform the material into the spiritual, however gold is still gold and as far as our material existence goes, all will happen in the here and now.

This card in essence is communicating the gravitational law , and the effect from gravity is polar attraction to one of two possible poles. This is important because when being pulled toward either pole its the tension that creates the fire of transformation.

This tension is exactly what must be amplified to create new life. This is why the Key Strength is before this card and Death is after. The death is the process of gravity and being pulled physically toward the deepest recesses of the elements , IE the world.

Notice though that the term ‘physically’ was used. This is because even though we don’t properly understand ‘how’ it was done , there is one historical figure that has been reported to have broken the confines of this gravitational finality. That was of course Master Yeshua. Through the power of the golden crown, Stephanos , miracles can happen. This is what rabbinic saints called the Qimah, or Ressurection.

In these posts a great deal has been hinted at , but nothing is fully disclosed. Large portions of the gnosis are in fact being realized by the author and the initiations are still being undertaken. Even though we know about, doesn’t mean that we actually know of something as an experience. To take the initiations in reality certain vital changes must be actually taking place, not just intellectually. Its the difference between knowing how to make something and actually doing it.

For instance, i tried to retype a manuscript of about 100 pages for personal use, to view in my e-reader, well reading a page of a typed manuscript and actually re – typing it is entirely a new and different effort.

This Key is the essence of the choice between two polarities and the tension within.

Your Brother in Light ,

Cor Meum Lucidum