Sedir Arise!

Sedir Arise! .. These are the words of the infamous Louis Claude Saint Martin. Sedir meaning man in French, ARISE! This is the epitome of this card. We are supposed to arise to the occasion of new service opportunities that are antithetical to the small plans of the individual self in exclusion to the rest of humanity or indifference from them.

We are finishing our concise introductions to the 12th Arcanum of the Tarot, I say concise because this topic is far from being exhausted. There are Astrological , Alphabetical , Numerical and Mystical aspects of each Key that are essential to a working knowledge of the amazing device called Tarot. There will definitely be more material available in the future on these aspects.

As was previously indicated the 12th Arcanum is titled The Hanged Man. This is really saying that we are stuck each time we are challenged , we are actually in a place of indecision. . The human will has not been directed and even when we direct the will it cuts off the option of the opposite direction. This was stated thus: for each action there is an opposite and equal re-action. Gravity goes only one way but also the old phrase goes ” what goes up, (validating a place and locality) must, (specifying a law) come down ( reaction from previous stimuli) . This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to have to ‘choose’ again , we most definitely will! The KEY explains that once the decision to act is taken in one of two available ways, the inevitable consequence is propulsion toward that choice, this is the example of Karmic Consequence.

Scholars have now ascertained that this was what was meant of the mistranslated Aramaic word Emunah , or Latin Credo. This word which from its root means Fidelity , or Faithfulness indicates that one is always presented with a force for good and a force for, well .. not so good.

These forces are discussed by 33rd degree Magus Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma, which was his exegesis for the Scottish Rite in Masonic Lodges. He said in essence there were forces that helped society and those that hindered society , as a neophyte in the Masonic Lodge one is called an Entered Apprentice, this is an Apprenticeship to build up certain energies for the betterment of mankind. The way we build that ‘ energetic group ‘ that is going to help evolve us as a whole, and therefore ourselves is to act with a will in a way that is consistent with universal principles of good and evolution.

There is much ground to cover and this forum isn’t the best place to do it. In the future there will be a dedicated place for this kind of instruction , for those interested . This is going to be titled as previously indicated the Western School of Initiatic Gnosis and Theosophical Mysteries. The tarot will be covered in detail and other things as well.

Until then , as I saw in a movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade , when I was a young child,  a scene at the end

The Grail-Master said to those who approached the spot housed by the physical grail chalice”CHOOSE WISELY”. This would be appropriate conclusion and what in the mysteries would be called Deiknumenon for this Key.

May your heart be filled with light
Your Brother