Dying God??

We are studying the 12th Key of the Tarot titled The Hanged Man or Christ Crucified. Right of the bat we are going to address the issue of Dual vs Single nature of Yeshua. It is absurd to think there is something other than our basic elemental composition in this universe, meaning we are in fact made of the “star dust” or elements of this cosmos. Because this ‘matter’ is a reflection, meaning a mirage that has composition and could be considered the aura of godhead. Subtle but true. ” In our ABBA we live, move and have our being”.

If we live , move and have our being in the ABBA then its not possible to die, without the death of our ABBA. This would mean that , if we were our physical body we would be the ABBA’s physical body, but since the ABBA doesn’t die when we are deceased we must not be in reality only the physical body.

If we aren’t the physical body then we must exist on another plane… This is the beginning of the hanged man key, its on this plane, for some yet to be discovered that we “live move and have OUR being”. We emphasize OUR because that is what Yeshua said. Did he mean OUR as Archetype of Divine Beings, or OUR as Humankind. This is another mystery that WE are! 🙂

Its imperative to resolve these issues, it is one of the deep places of reference for us as an archetypal reality and much of psychic life is built from the Myth of a Dying God. If anyone is in doubt read Joseph Campbells massive tome “Masks of God”. and CG Jung’s literature about the necessity of this Typos.

It is in the Christ Mysteries that we find the Great Synthesis of Initiatic Current. Christ was a master, therefore we should at least dedicate this Key to the crucified Christos. There is yet another mystery in this key that is vital for meditation , that is the equanimity of the Crucified figure, The dying hero is never killed in vain. This is not the position of UNIVERSAL understanding. Its preached and quite aggressively that “christ died in agony and pain”, the Actor/Director Mel Gibson made this a visual reality and the church has labeled this the “Passion”.

The Real Passion wasn’t to die for people 2000+ years ago or mankind as a whole ,but was unfortunate result of the rejection of the Christ message. This was that “ye are gods”. This was not something that people could accept. The final revelation of this important event in the annals of history and cosmic reality was the Resurrection not the Crucifixion.

In light and love
Frater Cor Meum Lucidum.