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Welcome back to the Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog. We are currently studying the 12th Key Titled The Hanged Man. We have recently been focusing alot on the topic of rebirth and the 2nd initiation

Why all this focus upon death and disintegration? Simply because the development of a new disposition requires a sacrifice. This is very primitive and is basically the foundation of our faith.

Now the feeling that we are saved and helped is not the same as actually being helped. This is the difference between believing and fidelity. The word translated as belief which is ‘credo’ is not a statement that is a ‘will’ based activity. In the early christian times the ‘credo’ was important to establish orthodox ways of thinking and universal acceptance, however when it comes to spiritual growth, the mental container is also ‘lighted’ so to speak by the subtle fire of spiritual actions.

This fire is known as ‘agni’ but is really the form of psychic energy created from actions grounded in ‘service’. The agni fires are used to construct the subtle components of ‘invisible’ realities.

Emunah or Fidelity is derived from the trilateral root AMN or Amen. this is the ‘seal’ given at the end of prayers and should be substituted in the New Testament every time the word “belief or Believe” is used. For example ” God gave his only begotten son.. that whoever shall believe in him…” translated¬† properly its ” gave his begotten son , that whoever is FAITHFUL to him…” meaning his ways! shall have the promised ” everlasting life”.

Now we see that its only by staying Emunah to the internal Christos that the fires of Calcination may burn properly and create from the ash a Phoenix . This is the breaking of the heart to properly sow seed for the internal Master, the Christ or Anointed.

FL. Cor Meum Lucidum