Do our Words Strengthen … or Weaken Us?


Here we are studying the Word as it relates to the Strength card, A brief excerpt from William Law’s Clavis of Boehme:

 From the Key to Boehme – William Law.

 27. The Holy Scripture says, God has made all things by his   eternal Word; also it says, That Word is God, John 1, which  we understand thus:
 28. The Word is nothing else but the [1] out-breathing will,      from the power and virtue; a various dividing of the power    into a multitude of powers; a distributing and out-flowing of the   Unity, whence knowledge arises.

(above picture from the Tarot of Holy Light By Christine Payne Towler & Michael Dowers)

In our picture of this Key from the Tarot of The Holy Light, The woman standing next to the protecting lion is exhaling a stream of wind and also is showing a very illuminated state of being, by her eyes of sun and moon.
As Boehme says “the Word is nothing else but the out-breathing will from the power and virtue, a various dividing of the power into a multitude of powers distributing and out flowing of the unity, whence knowledge arises”.

This phrase is very impactful; the Gnostic redemption given by Christos in Valentinan tradition is titled “Strengthening”. This is the Hieros Gamos of the Gnostic Tradition . Strengthening is defined as the Christs redemption of the angels in the ekklesia or church, and thereby having whole angelic revelators of the gnosis to mankind. This cannot be stated enough.

As Boehme says, and by the way this Clavis was recommended by the Author and Designer of the Tarot of Holy Light, “knowledge arises” from this “out flowing of the unity”. This is the core of the doctrine of Emanationism. It is through this “many out of one” that we may find how we are connected through this Word. Dr Keizer has expressed In the Johannine tradition the fourth gospel of the new testament has been said to “need no other interpretation except that when we hear the words “I” by the supposed Messiah, we are actually hearing the emanation of the Christ Within, and not that of an individual “. This idea of Jesus as a man and savior of man, is distorted by the Orthodox Church in the Nicene Creed as a physical savior , died , risen and is the only son … blah blah.

Boehme says that “out-breathing will, from the power and virtue” the out breathing of this key , is , well.. the key. The breath has been related to Prana, life energy, ether, many different properties, but always relates in an amplification or modality different from that of ordinary consciousness.

Even in the Alice Bailey works, the mention of Breath is in relation to the six days of creation in the books of Genesis, in the Hebrew Old Testament. Breath is the absolute expression of life. Out Breathing is both a death and an emptying of ones life force , or return to grace. Since not one of us is in control of the breath and sometimes it may even go un noticed. Boehme says it is the “out breathing will, from power and virtue into multiplicity” that gives us our Gnosis.

In Divine Gnosis


Strength of the Divine Feminine


This blog has gone through a brief overview of 10 pictorial representations of the ancient arcanum of the Western Mystery Tradition titled by the itallians “the Tarrochi”.

Please be sure to “subscribe” for free , if you like this blog and posts. the material here is meant to give a bare bones representation of some of the more hidden aspects of tarot symbolism, the teachers of tarot have expounded the system in large extent and I would highly advise the serious student of this magnificent pack of cards to obtain and study the works of Papus, Wirth, Sadhu among others, and familiarlize oneself with the topics discussed.

This of course presupposes you are able to accept that Tarot is more than mumbo jumbo and is actually a pictographic form of esoteric education and development.

That being said we have covered what are commonly known as the Lunar initiations represented in the pack of tarot cards. This is the downward action of the soul in its manifestation into matter. With the beginning of Arcanum XI we are going to go toward Solar inititiation and this is the subtle realms of development toward the primordial source of Being. In essence the first initiation series is that of Being to Becomming, the second Becomming toward Being or Lunar and Solar respectively.

Beginning with Arcanum XI the title of this discussion is Strength. In the strength key we are given the image of a woman holding the mouth of a lion against the background that is somewhat deserted. This is a real gross representation of this key. So first we must focus on the title of the card. This provides the framework of what the symbols are actually saying , which is the “word” speaking in primordial images. FIAT LUX.

This card is titled strength or force it represents the Sophian aspect of the cosmos in the power over the “Lion” of lower manifestation. Instantly for those gnostically inclined this brings up a picture of the “lion headed” deity called Yaldabaoth, and his emergence from a stronger power called Sophia . The Valentinian gnosis will bring out the aspect of Sophian Fall and how she actually was split into two. This is not what is being indicated here, by the simple overpowering of the Demiurgical “lion”. When this demuirge has been subdued he shows the natural elemental form that is given in what is in my honest oppinion the most esoterically designed deck of all time, that is my friend Bishop Payne Towler’s Tarot of The Holy Light ( which is going to be the Magnum Opus of this sites exegesis.

In the Tarot of Holy Light , the lion is made part of a wholistic gnosis and sophia is in a place of honor as the sexually revealed justice, meaning to me that the mother has been given justice when the “Lion” of patriarchy has been subdued by the natural processes inherent in its manifestation which is not rooted in the cosmos, but in the natural world, or created world. This is highly esoteric stuff and may be too much for a cursory introduction to the strength card, but the title of the site is Gnostic tarot cards and it must eventually live up to this category. At any rate i’d highly reccomend this deck , unfortunately I can’t show pictures,  but if you have I Pad, or I products you can purchase an application of this magnificent deck Tarot of The Holy Light. (

That being said, the THL deck shows an amazing visually tantalizing image of a woman that has her top unvieled, and most importantly the eyes are in the symbol of sun and moon. This is highly significant , and upon this topic i would just like to mention that the eyes have different properties when used in a certian initiatic technique that actually makes ones vision a powerful tool for gnosis.

This is what i’d like to refer to as the process of “Strengthening” that Valentinian scholars talk about. Strengthening in Valentinianism is when the the Christos strengthened the angels by the redemption of baptism and therefore made angels whole again. The other part is when the ‘angels’ strengthen us through familiarization with ‘initiatic’ techniques leading to trancendental gnosis.

“at first i was blind, but now i see”.

in gnosis


Sedir Arise!

Sedir Arise! .. These are the words of the infamous Louis Claude Saint Martin. Sedir meaning man in French, ARISE! This is the epitome of this card. We are supposed to arise to the occasion of new service opportunities that are antithetical to the small plans of the individual self in exclusion to the rest of humanity or indifference from them.

We are finishing our concise introductions to the 12th Arcanum of the Tarot, I say concise because this topic is far from being exhausted. There are Astrological , Alphabetical , Numerical and Mystical aspects of each Key that are essential to a working knowledge of the amazing device called Tarot. There will definitely be more material available in the future on these aspects.

As was previously indicated the 12th Arcanum is titled The Hanged Man. This is really saying that we are stuck each time we are challenged , we are actually in a place of indecision. . The human will has not been directed and even when we direct the will it cuts off the option of the opposite direction. This was stated thus: for each action there is an opposite and equal re-action. Gravity goes only one way but also the old phrase goes ” what goes up, (validating a place and locality) must, (specifying a law) come down ( reaction from previous stimuli) . This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to have to ‘choose’ again , we most definitely will! The KEY explains that once the decision to act is taken in one of two available ways, the inevitable consequence is propulsion toward that choice, this is the example of Karmic Consequence.

Scholars have now ascertained that this was what was meant of the mistranslated Aramaic word Emunah , or Latin Credo. This word which from its root means Fidelity , or Faithfulness indicates that one is always presented with a force for good and a force for, well .. not so good.

These forces are discussed by 33rd degree Magus Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma, which was his exegesis for the Scottish Rite in Masonic Lodges. He said in essence there were forces that helped society and those that hindered society , as a neophyte in the Masonic Lodge one is called an Entered Apprentice, this is an Apprenticeship to build up certain energies for the betterment of mankind. The way we build that ‘ energetic group ‘ that is going to help evolve us as a whole, and therefore ourselves is to act with a will in a way that is consistent with universal principles of good and evolution.

There is much ground to cover and this forum isn’t the best place to do it. In the future there will be a dedicated place for this kind of instruction , for those interested . This is going to be titled as previously indicated the Western School of Initiatic Gnosis and Theosophical Mysteries. The tarot will be covered in detail and other things as well.

Until then , as I saw in a movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade , when I was a young child,  a scene at the end

The Grail-Master said to those who approached the spot housed by the physical grail chalice”CHOOSE WISELY”. This would be appropriate conclusion and what in the mysteries would be called Deiknumenon for this Key.

May your heart be filled with light
Your Brother

What goes up…


By now we are starting to grasp ideas that are rooted in deeper meaning and significance than our temporary emotional , financial and material existence solely. I say solely because we are not practicing asceticism, we are in this world but not of it. This is the disposition of those who are able to transform the material into the spiritual, however gold is still gold and as far as our material existence goes, all will happen in the here and now.

This card in essence is communicating the gravitational law , and the effect from gravity is polar attraction to one of two possible poles. This is important because when being pulled toward either pole its the tension that creates the fire of transformation.

This tension is exactly what must be amplified to create new life. This is why the Key Strength is before this card and Death is after. The death is the process of gravity and being pulled physically toward the deepest recesses of the elements , IE the world.

Notice though that the term ‘physically’ was used. This is because even though we don’t properly understand ‘how’ it was done , there is one historical figure that has been reported to have broken the confines of this gravitational finality. That was of course Master Yeshua. Through the power of the golden crown, Stephanos , miracles can happen. This is what rabbinic saints called the Qimah, or Ressurection.

In these posts a great deal has been hinted at , but nothing is fully disclosed. Large portions of the gnosis are in fact being realized by the author and the initiations are still being undertaken. Even though we know about, doesn’t mean that we actually know of something as an experience. To take the initiations in reality certain vital changes must be actually taking place, not just intellectually. Its the difference between knowing how to make something and actually doing it.

For instance, i tried to retype a manuscript of about 100 pages for personal use, to view in my e-reader, well reading a page of a typed manuscript and actually re – typing it is entirely a new and different effort.

This Key is the essence of the choice between two polarities and the tension within.

Your Brother in Light ,

Cor Meum Lucidum

Do something different!


Welcome back to the Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog. We are currently studying the 12th Key Titled The Hanged Man. We have recently been focusing alot on the topic of rebirth and the 2nd initiation

Why all this focus upon death and disintegration? Simply because the development of a new disposition requires a sacrifice. This is very primitive and is basically the foundation of our faith.

Now the feeling that we are saved and helped is not the same as actually being helped. This is the difference between believing and fidelity. The word translated as belief which is ‘credo’ is not a statement that is a ‘will’ based activity. In the early christian times the ‘credo’ was important to establish orthodox ways of thinking and universal acceptance, however when it comes to spiritual growth, the mental container is also ‘lighted’ so to speak by the subtle fire of spiritual actions.

This fire is known as ‘agni’ but is really the form of psychic energy created from actions grounded in ‘service’. The agni fires are used to construct the subtle components of ‘invisible’ realities.

Emunah or Fidelity is derived from the trilateral root AMN or Amen. this is the ‘seal’ given at the end of prayers and should be substituted in the New Testament every time the word “belief or Believe” is used. For example ” God gave his only begotten son.. that whoever shall believe in him…” translated  properly its ” gave his begotten son , that whoever is FAITHFUL to him…” meaning his ways! shall have the promised ” everlasting life”.

Now we see that its only by staying Emunah to the internal Christos that the fires of Calcination may burn properly and create from the ash a Phoenix . This is the breaking of the heart to properly sow seed for the internal Master, the Christ or Anointed.

FL. Cor Meum Lucidum

Dying God??

We are studying the 12th Key of the Tarot titled The Hanged Man or Christ Crucified. Right of the bat we are going to address the issue of Dual vs Single nature of Yeshua. It is absurd to think there is something other than our basic elemental composition in this universe, meaning we are in fact made of the “star dust” or elements of this cosmos. Because this ‘matter’ is a reflection, meaning a mirage that has composition and could be considered the aura of godhead. Subtle but true. ” In our ABBA we live, move and have our being”.

If we live , move and have our being in the ABBA then its not possible to die, without the death of our ABBA. This would mean that , if we were our physical body we would be the ABBA’s physical body, but since the ABBA doesn’t die when we are deceased we must not be in reality only the physical body.

If we aren’t the physical body then we must exist on another plane… This is the beginning of the hanged man key, its on this plane, for some yet to be discovered that we “live move and have OUR being”. We emphasize OUR because that is what Yeshua said. Did he mean OUR as Archetype of Divine Beings, or OUR as Humankind. This is another mystery that WE are! 🙂

Its imperative to resolve these issues, it is one of the deep places of reference for us as an archetypal reality and much of psychic life is built from the Myth of a Dying God. If anyone is in doubt read Joseph Campbells massive tome “Masks of God”. and CG Jung’s literature about the necessity of this Typos.

It is in the Christ Mysteries that we find the Great Synthesis of Initiatic Current. Christ was a master, therefore we should at least dedicate this Key to the crucified Christos. There is yet another mystery in this key that is vital for meditation , that is the equanimity of the Crucified figure, The dying hero is never killed in vain. This is not the position of UNIVERSAL understanding. Its preached and quite aggressively that “christ died in agony and pain”, the Actor/Director Mel Gibson made this a visual reality and the church has labeled this the “Passion”.

The Real Passion wasn’t to die for people 2000+ years ago or mankind as a whole ,but was unfortunate result of the rejection of the Christ message. This was that “ye are gods”. This was not something that people could accept. The final revelation of this important event in the annals of history and cosmic reality was the Resurrection not the Crucifixion.

In light and love
Frater Cor Meum Lucidum.

Worthiness and Values

Gospel of Thomas ; Logion 85 : “.. if he had been worthy , he would not have experienced death”.

Greetings: We are still studying the 12th Key of the Major Arcana cards of Tarot. This Key is titled The Hanged Man.
When we glance at this key its apparent that the money , symbolizing matter and social value , is dropping from the individual on the card. This card was originally titled “The Traitor”. This could have reference to Judas but most likely its a judgement that is placed upon one who is a non conforming “troublemaker” that has brought attention to oneself and has been charged with Sedition!

There is in history someone that comes to mind when the ideas Crucifixion , Sedition, Values , and Traitor are mentioned , Judas and Iesous or Yeshua.

Yet when referring to Adam , he stated that if he had been worthy, he wouldn’t have experienced death. Since we are discussing death by crucifixtion here, it was appropriate that this phrase would be used to extrapolate from Yeshua’s Logion initiatic material, very similar to Tibetan Lamas and Vajrayana Seed Mantra or Seed Mandala 🙂

Yeshua was talking about death , which is not possible to those who are worthy. This is not easy to explain because it has to do with the ‘constitution of man’ meaning that , like we discussed on the Death Key , Death is not considered physical death to Yeshua but Spiritual. This is when the subtle bodies are not built to be strong enough for the passing person to identify with and integrate upon the “bardo” of physical death.
Its different to see “Worship” as “Worthship” and shortened to the word “Worthy”. What Yeshua’s talking about is that if the original Adam Kadmon, or the Archetype of Humanity was worthy he , ( Hebrew terms aren’t gender specific , and this concept was anthropomorphized into a man , but means A-DAM, or “the one from red earth”.) wouldn’t have experienced death. Notice that death is considered an experience and didn’t say DIE!

Experience here is the dissolution of the subtle bodies back into elements that are deemed more harmonious and ready for integration upon further development. This is the “experience” that was spoken about. Therefore , there needs to be an object to experience something, meaning he didn’t die just experienced a death like state. For if Adam Kadmon died truly then mankind would have followed.

The “hanged man” represents someone who has reversed ones values and has been crucified , which was a public display of criminality. This is also strongly emphasized that the ‘crime” was sedition against materialism. Who would have the ability to crucify one for the breaking of the material laws?

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum