Umm … did i Forget Something?

Greetings! Today we are going to discuss the topic of forgetfulness as the second portion of the tripartite division on the topic of Death.

in the Zohar when the letter Tau asks to be the letter that is honored for creation it is turned down because when a Hebrew term is evaluated it is a “entity” of and in itself. For example: in the Zohar it says EMET is the Hebrew word for Truth, so Tau makes its case to be given the “seal” of Elohim. Elohim says that Tau is also the “seal” of the word MAVET which means Death in hebrew. The science of the Zohar is extremely complex but essentially the words in the Torah are commented upon in the Zohar and Sepher Yetzeriah. Sepher Yetzeriah is the metaphysical and oldest treatise on the letters of the Torah, and Zohar is more of a Soul commentary on the Torah with some additional material from Rav’s and Masters upon the letters.

Which leads us into the next topic in the GENESIS scripture it says that ELOHIM Said “taste the fruit of the tree of knowledge … one will surely die”. Yet the Serpent says that they will not die. A wonderful explanation from Daskalos has been given to this mystery. Since the serpent is a manifested creature and not of the Absolute nature of the creator it would stand to reason that the serpent wouldn’t consider a loss of wholeness as death, however from the view of a higher consciousness ie Elohim, Death would be anything that separates one from Absolute Beingness with the creator of All, or as the Gnostics called it the Unknown Father BYTHOS.

Here we are now told in GENESIS that ADAM was put into a deep sleep. ADAM is not a “male” its A_DAM or “man from earth”. This means that ADAM is a symbolic term of MANKIND not some patriarch. This ADAM was put into a state of sleep or “forgetfulness”. Mankind forgot its essence and thus became divided. Not lost just sleepy this is why Buddha upon his realization was given the term “awakened one”. What are we awakening to? The answer is inherent in the question. We are like the prodigal child that has asked for all the happiness here and now and have become enslaved to our MATERIALISM.

In the Nag Hammadi (see links site to for library of NH) there is a portion of scripture titled “The Gospel of Truth” In the ‘evangelion veratatis’ the writer Valentinus says that “the fog was called error or forgetfulness” this Forgetfulness is the same of that of Death. We are in a temporary amnesia of our Divine origin or Monadic Self. We know this because the Gospel of Truth says that the Error has no “root”. Root here means unity with the Unknown Principle. Therefore let us try and carry a spirit of blessing to all our activities. The only way to experience this “fog” is by karma and ignorance of the Buddhists or “reaping what one sows and sin” of the Christians. For SIN means “hammartia” and is a archery term “missing the mark” not eternal damnation!

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