Paths and Attributions – Temperance

“God (Elohim) blessed them, be fruitful and multiply”GEN 1:22
“blessed them” this needs no other expounding other than that he blessed THEM. This is subtle, saying that if Elohim blessed his creation how is it possible they are cursed, this would infer that human will is stronger than divine blessing which is absurd. Therefore there can’t be an original sin!
“be fruitful” means due to this blessing your able to do good. Swedenborg in his Arcana Colestia
“and multiply”. This is beautiful and may be called the amplification of blessing.
Eucharist is the eucharistia or “returning grace” of the “blessing” in the sacrament of the “Rite of Sacrifice”. this path is literally saying “Elohim (sygyzy) gave them blessing , this is significant, be fruitful to do good and return it by amplifying it on earth and “multiplying”.
The significance of this path is the letter NUN.
( previously the posts under this letter were derived from the golden dawn attributions. though that works for contemplation it does not correspond to the 3rd level alchemical work and differs greatly from original Kabbalistic attributions. see Dr Keizer’s essay on tarot in the links section)I am somewhat upset from the attributions given by the golden dawn. Mathers and Waite intentionally changed the attributions to work with the ritual and degree structure of the GD. This is what in philosophy would be called a “simulacrum” which would inevitably mean that we will “simulate” a spiritual process.
As Grailmaster LK says ” the golden dawn system was entirely MENTAL”. I asked him how credible this was and on multiple times told me that “most of their work was a hallucination”. This is the kind of work that i hope to avoid on this site.

As previously mentioned the level of tarot interpretation falls into 3 broad categories.
1. the practical application of the cards to events within the personality and upon the physical plane.
2. the seed thoughts and doctrines that are incorporated within the system of the tarot
3. the tarot as symbol and map of alchemical work and pathworking in order to incorporate those doctrines in a theurgical way.Above all its important to “Temper” ourselves with wisdom and remember that just because someone says something is “thus and so” it doesn’t make it true. It is theory and considered important to reflect upon. Like the Great Teacher of the Grailmaster said upon his Ordination as Bishop , “you must not let anyone put you under their thumb”. Therefore please take this blog as a tool to offer SYNCRETIC information that is not easily obtained but could be flawed.

Initiation from Alice Bailey is ” ..the process of undergoing an expansion of consciousness” and the author is constantly doing just that.

Please “Know for Thyself”.
In the Divine GnosisF.L. CML