Is this my "Solar Angel"?

Greetings! Its been a while since writing about this key. That’s because Alchemy takes a while. No real working system ever was expounded all at once and newer and grander revelations are constantly being given.

For instance as we work upon the 14th Key of Tarot titled Temperance we are confronted with a angel. This angel is obviously a “solar angel” why because its evident that the figure on the picture has intentions to bring sun, the rays from the sun on the mountain, the sun on the forehead the solar triangle on the chest. This is all the work of a “solar angel”.

Here is a key: The sun in the chakra system in in the center of the solar plexus , why here is it in the heart? give up? Because this key represents the result of a connection with ones “angel” or the process of Reintegration. The sun has illumined the heart and the heart has risen to the mind which means that now the structure is that of a “perfect” one. how do we know this? Look at the key carefully and “see” what is being told.

The Sun in the Head center is blazing and creating a head aura, in the Initiatic Science of Gnosis the ring would be called the “Stephanos” or Crown. This is the point where the energy of the central channel is transferred to the pineal glands to “awaken” the crown chakra.

So it is evident that this key can’t be given any ordinary description, what person alive that is engrossed in materialistic thinking can fathom a “solar angel” or powers other than that of the “animal soul” of eating, reproduction and seeking the self-perpetuation of its life at the expense of all else.

This is what Yeshua says when he says “what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul” My teacher says that “of all gods creation, only a human being is given a divine soul” this is why the “solar angel” will assist us in the process of reintegration because “in us THEY live move and have their being”.

As we continue this process of awakening and Initiation , lets remember to always have a chalice available for our “solar angel” to fill full of “noetic fire”.

Please study the terms put in “quotes”.

In light and love

Fratre Lucis , Cor Meum Lucidum