Alchemy and Balance


All who enter the sacred work through this blog should be congratulated. Not only because you’ve stuck with these scattered thoughts of a fledging initiate, but because you have taken the first steps to look into the cards and the symbolic ideas that are hidden within.

Therefore at some times there are contradictions because there are 7 levels of understanding each card. Each more and more complex. For instance on the physical level or plane, this card is representing the angel and sun, wings, robes, chalices, grass, wather, dirt , sun, a mountain and flowers.

But at the ethereal level there are aethers that are creating these physical manifestetations. all the laws of science will be taken into consideration. Also as we see color with our eyes there are the root principals of color in the highest planes . So it is very evident that the word here should be BALANCE. to moderate our minds and let the messengers pour into us the great waters, or astral fluids. The chalices are pouring from one cup to another. Who’s chalice is it. It can’t be the angel’s chalice because a chalice represents an abstraction of the heart center. How can a angel pour out its heart center while having it inside itself? this will be indicated by the Square with the Triangle at the heart center. This angel or “Messenger” is saying that its work is to pour out the fluid of another chalice to our chalice. Initiatic gnosis says that even our right and left side correspond to principals and laws. In the work of the Graal the left represents the receptive and the right the extended or active principles respectively.

So as now can be seen the angel or “messenger” is sending out from its receptive chalice, fluid, to the expansive or active chalice. 🙂 In Valentinianism this is the work of the redemption of a savior. The savior decends into its chalice or heart center of Yeshua, and through initiatic path of accension or the “anados”, gave wholeness to angels through the triple action of the illuminated Triangular principle or Trinity, in the square of matter located in our picture as the golden triangle in the square. This is the gnosis, the knowledge of that which is.

The symbolism on this picture glyph is no less than a summa of the great work. In the Alchemical Tarot it refers to this card as the alchemist. Indeed alchemy it is. When we are unified to the messages of higher and higher planes through the loving outpouring of initates that have taken the anados we are filled with the powers , that are pictured here the illuminated mind and active heart center. Both are as one

In the gnosis
F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum