Alchemy and Balance


All who enter the sacred work through this blog should be congratulated. Not only because you’ve stuck with these scattered thoughts of a fledging initiate, but because you have taken the first steps to look into the cards and the symbolic ideas that are hidden within.

Therefore at some times there are contradictions because there are 7 levels of understanding each card. Each more and more complex. For instance on the physical level or plane, this card is representing the angel and sun, wings, robes, chalices, grass, wather, dirt , sun, a mountain and flowers.

But at the ethereal level there are aethers that are creating these physical manifestetations. all the laws of science will be taken into consideration. Also as we see color with our eyes there are the root principals of color in the highest planes . So it is very evident that the word here should be BALANCE. to moderate our minds and let the messengers pour into us the great waters, or astral fluids. The chalices are pouring from one cup to another. Who’s chalice is it. It can’t be the angel’s chalice because a chalice represents an abstraction of the heart center. How can a angel pour out its heart center while having it inside itself? this will be indicated by the Square with the Triangle at the heart center. This angel or “Messenger” is saying that its work is to pour out the fluid of another chalice to our chalice. Initiatic gnosis says that even our right and left side correspond to principals and laws. In the work of the Graal the left represents the receptive and the right the extended or active principles respectively.

So as now can be seen the angel or “messenger” is sending out from its receptive chalice, fluid, to the expansive or active chalice. ūüôā In Valentinianism this is the work of the redemption of a savior. The savior decends into its chalice or heart center of Yeshua, and through initiatic path of accension or the “anados”, gave wholeness to angels through the triple action of the illuminated Triangular principle or Trinity, in the square of matter located in our picture as the golden triangle in the square. This is the gnosis, the knowledge of that which is.

The symbolism on this picture glyph is no less than a summa of the great work. In the Alchemical Tarot it refers to this card as the alchemist. Indeed alchemy it is. When we are unified to the messages of higher and higher planes through the loving outpouring of initates that have taken the anados we are filled with the powers , that are pictured here the illuminated mind and active heart center. Both are as one

In the gnosis
F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum

Symbolism & Words of Moderation

Welcome all of our perservering readers. We are celebrating the second septenary ( groups of 7) with the last card of the group titled Temperance. or the 14th Arcanum. As we journey toward the source of the keys, we will now need to explain the organization of the keys themselves and our placement. 

As has been discussed in previous posts the arrangement of the trumps for the 2nd level of Hermetic, Alchemical and Gnostic Doctrines should be that of the Golden Dawn and is further elaborated in Dr. Stephan Hoeller’s book titled “The Fools Pilgrimage” , which is the inspiration for this site.

The Hermetic axiom “The below reflects that which is above” is well applicable to this Key. Because what is showing on the cards of the 2nd septenary 8-14 are the mediating forces and principles that bring the 1st septenary of the 1-7 keys to the 3rd septenary of matter. so we have the above, middle or soil , and the below or manifestational plane.

On the Home Page, you will see the proper layout for the keys in the 2nd or Doctrinal level of Tarot understanding. The fool is the traveler from the subtle 1st key to the gross or 21st key, or in other words is inherent in each as an ESSENCE.  The starting point for our discussion will be the key of Temperance as it manifests in The World which is previously discussed and easily accessed on

temperance¬† “self-restraint, moderation,” from Anglo-Fr. temperaunce (mid-13c.), from L. temperantia “moderation,” from temperans, prp. of temperare “to moderate” (see temper). L. temperantia was used by Cicero to translate Gk. sophrosyne “moderation.” In English, temperance was used to render L. continentia or abstinentia, specifically in reference to drinking alcohol and eating; hence by early 1800s it came to mean “abstinence from alcoholic drink.”

Taken from Etymology Online.

The word that is indicated on the card is always the first place we need to start in any exegesis of a tarot key. Its english etymology is important but its vital to remember that Tarot keys were not originally in english but that of french, itallian and latin , and to further complicate the issue most of the designers were occultists or members of the alternative tradition, so it can be infered they relate to Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and Egyptian as well as Indian sanskrit and developments of terminology and key ideas from all esoteric traditions.

So,  Greek was sophrosyne , hebrew Histapkut . 
this next excerpt is from wikipedia 
These words are very important and because of length of posts we can’t elaborate on all of them. But in particular it should be noted that the 14th Arcanum that was referred to by the name of Temperance was related to the Philosophic terms of Plato, considered as an incarnation of Hypatia,which reflects Gnostic ideas of Sophia as Helen of Troy & her lover¬†Simon the Magician. ¬†was related to Heimarne of Pythagoras, purity for the Theology of the Christians in the New Testament. In Hebrew it was the Mitzvot for Eating and later Eating has been the central point in¬†liturgy and the Mass or Eucharist.

Therefore this post starts to reveal the hidden doctrines, principals and ideas behind the words on the keys and etymological considerations. All of which the ancient wisdom traditions would have known extensively.
In Gnosis,
F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum.

Order From Chaos

Al Chem , the root of Alchemy is a science developed by early Egyptian and Arabic philosophers and scientists. The proposed to make lead or “base” material turn to gold or “refined essence” by a process of transmutation. There are many steps in this process and it may be seen as the esoteric section of chemistry and physics, the spiritual principals behind each. In the tarot each card represents an aspect or process of this science called Alchemy.
The card THE DEVIL, is the key to Coagulation. Why? because the state of the androgyny isn’t possible within and creates a duality that is debilitating when it comes to our goal. Before i discussed some of the ways this key led to Error and Illusion. However there are some benefits to the card as well ( please dont’ mistake this following post for satanism, its not!)
The benefit is that our Key shows us the result from one-sidedness, it shows us the error that as long as we are rejecting one side of consciousness for the other we are in total separation of that consciousness from the creation of our androgyny. meaning that we are creating duality and we resolve it as well. This is the meaning of solve and coagulate. Solving is the working out of the image like we are doing, and coagulate is the crystallization of the process into an image or seed-idea.
This may seem boring and irrelevant but its not. Much of what western psychology works on is the integration of the unknown elements of a psyche through the process of individuation, however when the duality of conscious and unconsciousness is integrated this card is no longer a jailor but a reminder of the goal which is the hermetic axiom “the below reflects that which is above”.
In the tradition of the temple, templars aren’t working to “get beyond” the material like other alchemical systems. Templars work to transmute the here and now. Just as the Lead contains the Gold , and the dross must be removed to show its quinta essence, so does the human reflect the divine and “the Malkuth or Sovereignty of Godhead is within” us all.
Therefore this card represents what dualistic thinking does and how it separates male and female and creates androgynous beasts. Another correlation is the Secret essence tantra and what Longchenpa Rabjam calls the Great Perfection and that ” the mandala of pristine cognition is never separated from cyclic existence”.
Fiat Lux
F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum.