I spy , with my eye, something that doesn’t exist!

how is it that everything else in the deck of tarot cards , as far as the major arcanum is concerned, looks like fairly NORMAL imagery, but when it comes to this card everything seems off and weird? Its because it is. One of my favorite statements ever said is “if it seems chaotic and strange , it probably is”.
Deception, pain , suffering , fear , hate. These vices aren’t meant to feel pleasant. On the contrary they “feel” awful in the long run , but unfortunately they aren’t in the present. That is to say the shackles shown are not taught, they are not chains of bondage the chains are loose!
We aren’t trying to break away from our shackles here , the figures in this picture have accepted them. they are in a hypnotic and therefore limited place. This goes to indicate through our teachers of symbolism that the state of chaos and confusion lead to limitation of being. The creature “The Devil” or as our study of etymology calls it deofol is from the Old English , its not synonymous with the term satan. This term comes from the Latin diabolus, in the more appropriate O.E. term deofol it says a “evil spirit, a devil,false god,diabolical person”.
What i particularly want to “point out” is , that this card isn’t about , nor does it have  anything to do with SATAN. This card is more like the planet SATURN, which for our purposes is the “LIMIT” this limit is the restricting to us, and restrictive force that demands worship as a “false god” .we know because the incompatibilities in this scene. who has ever seen a goat, pig, bat, androgyny, with eagle feet? This scene is a firm incompatibility and as a androgyny is the mix between inverted male and female forces, the divine fire is pointed downward and the soul is trapped by the inverted pentagram upon the “third eye”.
This word The Devil or deofol of our “false god” means to me, the “negation of an affirmative’. This means: to give thought a form is the reason for speech and words, therefore something spoken is the affirmation of a thought in form, this thought-form is affirmed even if it doesn’t exist, like our Tibetan friends’s “horned rabbit”. you can’t see a horned rabbit except in your minds eye or imagination, this is also the construction of our goat,bird,owl,bat,pig figure shown above. However this does exist as a thought form, and as a thought form it has not inherent power, but is sustained by the power of the person who perceives it. as long as we believe this “false god” is real and exists, we make a false god , that is satirized in this picture as a real god or “evil spirit” (pneuma) , and not only do we make it real we give it power over our world (the black cube of matter). We are in fact the ones upon the throne in real life,and this card is fooling us into believing the chains are there. This is why the human beings are confused and look weird, because the male is lost by the breasts of the female, and the female is locked in a gaze like trance, therefore not present .the only being present is the funny beast or animal image that is like a horned rabbit because its not real. This is difficult to grasp so read the last paragraph over… carefully. AGAIN!
Fratre Lucis, Cor Meum Lucidum.
Timothy W. Reeder-Wright.