I can still hear you saying , we’ll never break the chains!

Greetings to all sentient beings that have found their way to this blog. As you probably have seen the author is taking a deeper and deeper commitment to this work through the frequency and activity of this and the homepage http://www.gnostictarotcards.com/. The Homepage features the Major Arcana is easy to use has an about us page that is a synopsis of our work and in the future we will introduce , the minor arcana, practical applications, 2nd level tarot interpretation through lessons, and for those who are verified initiates we will disclose 3rd level work.
Its an extreme honor to be able to carry forth this work. The site is a success and we have accomplished this goal with no advertising , no ads, and nothing but intentions toward helpfulness to those who are literally lost within the mires of television ( and we say we don’t concern ourselves with images) , money , and emotional reactions to situations that are completely misunderstood and rooted in our animal brain.
We’re we to completely grasp with our entire being the seriousness of just one, small judgment that we make upon our fellows, it would be so far reaching and devistating that we would fall to our knees in utter supplication. I am not here to proselytize , what im here to do is bring attention to this image and what ancient wisdom tells us. some of us will get freaked out bad about this card. Just to imagine that we are in chains will bring about a revulsion. If anyone denies this watch the 1980’s TV series Roots. When the character Kunta Kinte gets captured look at the anguish and feeling of trapped pain. This is what has happened, however our jailor is more like that of the fairly recent film V for Vendetta ,where we can leave this prison at anytime!
So why all the TV & Movie talk? Simple these “images of menace” are the deep unconscious motivators that keep us in bondage and imprison us. Most of us are like sleeping zombies walking along oblivious to higher reality, instead we are stuck like the “Death Star” in this picture focusing upon the Demiurgically reflective world. The Hebrew letter attributed to this key in the Golden Dawn system is Ayin or “the eye”. this is not actually correct in respect to the origin of Hebrew metaphysical letters. The classification of Hebrew letters comes from a document that is contemporary with Gnostic literature about 1 anno domini titled the Sepher Yetzirah. My favorite version is by Aryeh Kaplan and is a great read. Like many other students I too was led astray from the golden dawn representation. Much like myths I believed the system we were following is the Only system. Then more truth was revealed about the tarot, its origins and its purpose. Appropriate to this key “we were once blind but now we see”!
Frater Lucis, Cor Meum Lucidum