Blocked Out !

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Previously we wrote about the word THE DEVIL , meaning “false god” . This word in principal is the mix of two principles of negation and affirmation and called this picture the  “negation of an affirmation” . By affirming a god is true, this card says that though there is a god, this picture is a false one. Its subtle but its still taking the assertion of a god as the background principle. for instance a negation takes away from a inherent affirmation, therefore by calling this creature a false god it does a remarkable job on psychology in the following way
the mind of alot of western students has been quickened by this process of conceptualization and the projection of this concept into words or speech therefore giving the concept form. This is important because we can give our “devil” form by speaking, thinking and feeling! 
For example , im really angry one day at a person and feel they are a “rude and ignorant person” this puts in astral form a plasticity of form over the person and turns them into a “rude and ignorant person” this obviously would be in the perception of the person that has this feeling. this is what we put on our pedestal, because the cube of matter is the physical expression of this astral “devil” false god.
This astral form then enchains us and makes our consciousness black like the background of this card. out of this astral form then comes the star of matter and our soul is stifled because the higher planes cannot reach us through this blockage. This is what is partially keeping the “gnosis” from helping us to evolve. 
Morality has always sought to answer this question by the two categories of good and evil, however we aren’t trying to get good or purify ourselves from evil conceptions. we are trying to seek spiritual progress and therefore mental judgements and evaluations have nothing to do with this activity. The mind by moral evaluation and philosophical conception cannot undo itself. This is where we get a new mind instead of a conceptual – emotional mind, we are granted the Nous. This is the purpose of initiation , however, we cannot be receptive to this mind as long as we are being chained by the astral forms of our individual and collective subconsciousness.
How exactly are we to escape? This is a perfect statement to arrive at when considering this key and the 6 after it making our septenary of personality, next we will try to grasp through the septenary of soul the mediating elements between the above and below.
Fratre Lucis , Cor Meum Lucidum
Timothy W. Reeder-Wright